Best Bites at the Los Angeles Times The Taste

Three events! That is how many times I ubered back and forth from West Hollywood with the craziest LA characters to Paramount Studios for the Los Angeles Times The Taste. All for the love of FOOD! It is impossible to not be a major foodie living in a city with such diverse cuisine, especially when Los Angeles is always popping up with new food concoctions.

The best and most memorable bite I had from the Los Angeles Times The Taste was from these guys serving gnocchi with shaved truffle. Find them at Celestino in Pasadena. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Excited to be at The Taste day and night (even in a heatwave), I almost felt like I was wandering the streets of hot steamy New York, as the Paramount Studios cityscape backlot was the setting for Los Angeles’s foodie heaven. This event brought thousands of Angelenos together for the 6th Annual foodie fest called The Taste, with chef-led cooking demonstrations, spirits, endless food stations, and thought provoking panels moderated by the Times staff.

The 6th Annual Los Angeles Times The Taste at the Paramount Studios backlot. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Events included Field to Fork with California’s fresh produce, showcasing seasonal cooking hosted by Times Food Writer and Columnist Russ Parsons and Chef Menes. Saturday’s Dinner with a Twist was a sold-out soirée hosted by Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold and Deputy Food Editor Jenn Harris alongside Chef Fiorelli and Marianella. The final day kicked off Angeleno’s favorite weekend pastime, brunch! Sunday Brunch and BBQ bites from the city’s favorite establishments and pit masters had my head spinning, especially with the hot steamy weather. How many bites could one fit in oneself?

Love and Salt - Manhatten Beach
Love and Salt from Manhatten Beach dishes grilled peaches with duck salami and shaved cheese with nuts, greens, and balsamic. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

Flavors of LA, hosted by Gold and Salgado, closed the weekend festivities in the ultimate tribute to the depth, breadth and diversity of flavors that make Los Angeles one of the most exciting places to be a diner. The city’s culinary melting pot showed off an eclectic array of globally-inspired flavors ranging from Madcapra’s wildly popular falafel to Sambar’s goat curry puri. Meanwhile, taco maestros Salgado and Wes Avila (Guerilla Tacos) demonstrated what it takes to perfect one of Southern California’s most beloved dishes, while critically-lauded chefs Curtis Stone (Maude) and Suzanne Tracht (Jar) each took stages to showcase signature dishes. We enjoyed Suzanne’s puff pastry bites filled with pot roast and a dash of horseradish cream.

Chef Suzanne Tracht of Jar serving her pot roast in puff pastry bites. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

To culminate my three food-feasting events, my body knew it couldn’t take one more bite, so it was the perfect ending to sit down and hear a playful discussion with LA Times beloved food critic, Jonathan Gold about “Things in a Bowl,” a very LA theme. The discussion included Alvin Cailan (Ramen Champ/Eggslut), Christine Moore (Little Flower, caramel maker, Lincoln in Pasadena) and Minh Phan (Porridge + Puffs). From hilarious commentary from Minh saying, “her people have been eating things in a bowl for thousands of years,” to the realization of the group that this LA phenomenon with its egg on top, legumes, quinoa base, acai, faro, and more, is all related to every bite being different, and the bowl as soul comfort food.

Alvin Cailan (Ramen Champ/Eggslut), Christine Moore (Little Flower, caramel maker, Lincoln in Pasadena) Minh Phan (Porridge + Puffs) and Los Angeles’s top food critic Jonathan Gold discuss “Things in a Bowl.” Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Favorite moments and Best Bites from Labor Day weekend’s The Taste.

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For a more detailed account of each food item, please see our Instant Grams at LaLaScoop.


All photos courtesy of Melissa Curtin.



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