LifeFood Organic opens in Santa Monica

The California lifestyle of sun and fun is dictated also by health living. Most of Los Angeles is turning to FullSizeRender-1veganism, which is evident in the nonstop restaurants and cafes that are popping up all over the city that boast raw and organic choices. My Facebook feed from Los Angeles is often Angelenos inspiring others to not eat animals but to find other ways to derive nutrition that don’t include a cute living being with feelings. Anyone who has seen the film Forks over Knives on Netflix will quickly lower their meat intake.

Thus, the vegan options are limitless in a state which always seems to be ahead of the curve. LifeFood Organic in Hollywood with its raw organic living food (yes living!) opened its doors with smashing success recently in Santa Monica.


Super Smoothies, Juices, Wellness Elixirs, Energy Elixirs, and Medicinal Teas and Tonics can all be found at this LIFEFOOD spot. They pride themselves on preserving precious enzymes because all of the fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds are prepared at temperatures under 118 degrees and we all know that enzymes are the life force of the food. The nuts and seeds are even soaked and sprouted so they are easily digested.

If that’s not enough, the produce is organically grown in mineral-dense soil, not pesticide treated soil while even all chemicals are removed from the water with their 9-stage water filtration system. The ice cubes are made with this pure healing water too.


In the back of the Santa Monica location is a beautiful Zen backyard where you can enjoy your grub as well as even come for Life Yoga Garden. I happened to be dining with some food experts that night, one being an organic living food vegan chef named Nicolas Torrent who will be opening a restaurant on Abbott Kinney in Venice soon, as well as a Russian guy who sells his product at Life Food Organic called Natural Shilajit, a black tar like substance with 85 minerals used by popping a pea size amount in tea or other warm beverage which provides clear energy. Seven of us had a lovely communal meal in the back garden where we all shared each dish.


My favorite dish included the Eggless Salad Wrap followed by the Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Asian Kelp Noodles, Avocado Sandwich, I Love Sushi, Sea Wrap, Lasagna, Falafel Wrap, and healthy Spaghetti Carbonara. Definitely trying the Thai Coconut Soup next time!


For breakfast I would want to try their Acai Bowl, their Breakfast Burrito, and Chia Porridge. You can customize your Smoothie or Juice. For the Smoothie, you can start with a base (Coconut Water, Almond Milk, Apple, Orange,Carrot, Green Juice), then pick 3 ingredients (Strawberry, Mango, Coconut Meat, Raspberry, Papaya, Banana, Blueberry, Peach, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Acai, Pear), and include a natural sweetener along with an endless array of additions like Coconut Flakes, Buckwheaties, Shapeshifter, Vegetal Silica, Acerola Powder, Superfood Plus, Goji Berries, or Pumpkin Seed Butter.

For snacks dehydrated options include Kale Chips, Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Crackers, Onion Rings, and Zucchini Chips. Desserts such as Key Lime Pie, Super Food Ball, Chocolate Dream Cake, Chia Rose Cake, and Carrot Cake are still possible. The lemon poppy seed cake was sweet and heavenly.


I left feeling full but energized and healthy, not that sick feeling when you are done eating a burger or steak.

“The body is a perfect self-correcting mechanism.” – Founder Annie Padden JubbShe created LifeFood Nutrition in 1989 to help clients regain their health after long battles with degenerative diseases.

LifeFood Organic


(323) 466-0927

1507 N. Cahuenga Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Open 7:30am-9:00pm  7 Days a Week


(310) 450-9693

306 Pico Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Open 7:30am-9:00pm  7 Days a Week


All photos courtesy of Melissa Curtin.


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