Sonos Studio’s Sonic Garden, the secret life of plants

Sonos Studio opens Sonic Garden, the newest exhibition at Sonos Studio LA on La Brea, exploring the sensory world of plants through music. Sonic Artist, Mileece who performed with a live string quartet, showcased how plants can make their own music through bioelectrical signals harnessed from sensors attached to the leaves of the plants and played through Sonos smart speakers. Mileece has exhibited works globally for the Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Botanic Gardens in England.


This mind bending evening this past week showed off the hands-on installation revealing the inner musicality of plants. Simply by touching them, one can create harmonic symphonies in real time. Did you know vibrations allow plants to “hear,” and different frequencies promote growth, germination, and gene expression? Inpatiens and certain flowering plants show exponential growth when exposed to high frequency sounds at 14,000 Hz. Bean plants grow faster at 6,000 Hz. Humans respond to sounds from 1,000 – 5,000 Hz. Plants use at least 20 different senses to monitor complex situations in their environment.

Upcoming events related to the exhibition:

  • Wednesday, September 23- October 23: Sonic Garden exhibition, Wednesday- Sunday 12-6 p.m.                 
  • Wednesday, October 7: Film Screening of “The Secret Life of Plants” with live score
  • Monday, October 12: Sonos + KCRW present “An Evening with JR JR”
  • Saturday, October 17: Bring Your Own Plant, Sonic Workshop

Sonos Studio heads to London! The second permanent Sonos Studio location opened this week located in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, and is a three-story, acoustically tunable space where Sonos will bring together a global network of musicians and makers to experiment and share new ideas.

This one-of-a-kind exhibition joins a distinguished list of previous exhibits at Sonos Studio including, Sound Affects: Music And MoodAlgo-Rythms, Ancient ChaosSound of NYC, and more that are the results of collaborations with artists such as Devonte Hines, Perfect Fools, Dan Deacon and Tom Kuntz, Kyle MacDonald, Aramique, Seb Carayol, SOFTlab and many others.

For more LaLaScoop, learn more about some of our favorite Sonos sessions, Miquel, Marina and the DiamondsGrammy week, and The Wrecking Crew film.

Sonos Studio

145 N. La Brea

Los Angeles, CA 90036













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