The McCord List connects influencers with brands

Rachel McCord
Photo credit: @themccordlist on Instagram

Recently I was invited to stop by The McCord List space in Hollywood to experience this loft created by Rachel McCord (Annalynne McCord’s sister), a unique Sunset Strip showroom where bloggers, influencers, and celebrities can check out rotating brands and new happenings Rachel has selected for The McCord List of Fabulous Things! Find some of her features on Instagram at @THEMCCORDLIST or tag #TheMcCordList to be featured.

She connects The McCord List community with content and brands that help girls feel validated, beautiful and empowered. Her goal is not only gifting ladies with goodies from the sponsors but supporting their passion projects and work endeavors. She serves the community regularly through experiential events and private hostings at her own Rachel McCord’s Showroom Loft.

Brave Chick earrings
Brave Chick earrings

After speaking with Rachel, it is clear that her entrepreneurial husband, Rick Schirmer is a big part of her inspiration in helping others and launching ideas since he too has helped over 200 film and television properties, including The Purge, Chronicles of Narnia, Dark Shadows, Tangled, Project X, Friends, and more.

Starstruck Rainbow Titanium Quartz Cuff Bracelet from Brave Chick Jewelry (Photo credit:

One of the brands Rachel selected for The McCord List is Brave Chick, jewelry with a mission to uplift and inspire. From graceful, classic shapes with subtle freshwater pearls, petite semi-precious druzys and gold-filled metals to sweetly colored semi-precious quartz variations, and exquisite handmade jewelry featuring filigree wire details and miniature crystal geodes, as well as high polished rainbow titanium jewels and over-sized, yet delicate earrings, there is a jewelry obsession piece for everyone.

My favorite piece that I took home is the Silent Prayer Agate Pendant Necklace with contrasting colors made from a blue agate pendant and an orange carnelian beaded chain, perfect for wearing long or wrapping around the neck twice.

Brave Chicks mission is to embrace and uplift the authentic spirit of every woman. The Founders Dr. Janet Williams and Lejoi Reese create artisanal hand-made, quality fashion jewelry that inspires confidence, courage and individuality. Brave Chick gives back by donating to nonprofit organizations committed to the fight against domestic abuse and violence.

What else will Rachel bring to her showroom to empower women and make them feel good? If you know of a fabulous item for her list, hashtag #TheMcCordList to be featured.

When the McCord girls first came to Hollywood. AnnaLynne McCord, Rachel McCord, Angel McCord (Photo credit: @themccordlist on Instagram) Photo credit: @themccordlist on Instagram
When the McCord girls first came to Hollywood. AnnaLynne McCord, Rachel McCord, Angel McCord (Photo credit: @themccordlist on Instagram)

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