Maxim Magazine’s Halloweenie Party

Maxim Magazine created an unforgettable Halloween at an undisclosed mansion in Bel Air. Guests were shuttled from the UCLA parking lot to be frightened and entertained nonstop from 9 to 3 AM this past Saturday, October 24.

Nick Jonas dressed up as a Hamburglar at MAXIM Magazine's Official Halloween Party produced by Karma International, featuring a special performance by the heartthrob himself, on Saturday night in Los Angeles.
Nick Jonas dressed up as a Hamburglar at MAXIM Magazine’s Official Halloween Party produced by Karma International, featuring a special performance by the heartthrob himself, on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Produced by Karma International, featuring The h.wood Group’s “Blind Dragon Ballroom” and a special performance by Nick Jonas, the beautiful model LA set was prancing and dancing in the teeniest costumes we ever did see. Some celebs included Kendra Wilkinson, Randy Jackson, Adam Lambert, while I saw playboy Dan Bilzerian make his rounds, first through the dance floor with everyone trying to latch on to him to take a selfie, to his quick exit just 10 minutes later as I was leaving in the shuttle line.

Greeted by the paparazzi outside the entrance, we meandered into the glowing lawn filled with countless tombstones with clever sayings, like Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day. The glowing mansion in the background included a frightful haunted house with rooms filled with live scenes straight out of a spooky novel.  I screamed upon entering as character actors would pop out of the bushes as guests walked throughout and it was enough to give me a heart attack.

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Of course there was a lavish photo op area to pose with a cool Maxim spooky backdrop. Massive goblins and creatures on stilts were walking around. A woman on a stake would periodically wrench up and howl, and a talented chorus of singers entertained guests as they meandered the grand property with tunes like “It’s all about the Bones.” One area had a Vaudeville-like Freaks stage where insane acts showed off their talents, like one girl putting pins through her skin, another girl lying on a bed of nails and getting a concrete slab smashed over her, while another lolita danced her way out of a serious straitjacket. If that wasn’t enough, bars serving Stoli Vodka cocktails and Carnivore Cabernet paired with a food section, and a dance floor area jamming with party goers with private tables all around donned a different part of the property where nonstop performers shook things up, ending the night with Nick Jonas making a musical debut.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin
Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Comments from half naked bimbo types like, “I never ever wait in line” amused the heck out of me while guests with the right wrist band entered an area for even more private upscale mingling. Girls were naked in just painted body costumes, and hot couples in complimentary gear was the norm. The sexiest and classiest couples costume award goes to actors Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. Not sure this Halloween party by Maxim Magazine can ever be outdone.

Actors Tom Sandoval (L) and Ariana Madix attend the Maxim Halloween Party Presented By Karma International on October 24, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Karma International)


Photos by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Karma International and select photos courtesy of Melissa Curtin.

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