Bryan Greenberg performs at Cafe Bustelo’s Pop-Up

How to Make it in America is one of our favorite HBO shows. You may know Bryan Greenberg from being the star of that show. We have seen Bryan all over Los Angeles, from events with his lovely wife to the Hublot Suite at a Lakers Game, but who knew he sang?


Last week we heard an intimate acoustic performance with Bryan and @yonatanmonster at a special Café Bustelo pop-up on La Brea. We happened to be standing next to his wife Jamie Chung who was there with her friends to support him. Bryan belted out songs from his new album that were so indie passionate- perfect for a coffeehouse with the cold outside. Just married a few weeks ago, Jamie said Bryan sang a song at their wedding.


Our favorite tunes included songs from his recent album “Everything Changes,” with lyrics like “You can run, you can run, you can run, but you can’t hide….from my love.” Definitely check out his tunes “Running in My Dreams” and “Walk Away.” Guests were kept warm with free Bustelo coffee and Angelenos enjoyed their free fresh coffee brews the following few days.

As I ventured back out into the cold, dark world, I couldn’t stop listening to his catchy lusty romantic music that I had just recorded, while a sea of girls lined up to greet Mr. Greenberg and snap pics, and his wife was nearby posing with her own adoring fan crew.


Café Bustelo returned to the Los Angeles area for their second annual Café Bustelo Pop-Up Café Experience after making stops in Chicago and New York. With a rich heritage dating back to the 1930s, the irresistible coffee brand with flavor that doesn’t hold back is often found at popular music festivals around the country. The #BusteloExperience invites you to ignite epic memories with friends and family by experiencing the pop-up’s live music, photo booth, complimentary wi-fi, phone charging stations and giveaways.

To see a mini clip of the night’s tunes, see our LaLaScoop Instagram.

All photos courtesy of Tibrina Hobson // Getty Images for BMF Media





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