Thank Goodness for Good Body Skin Care Products 

Good Body therapeutic skin care products (photo: courtesy of Good Body)
Good Body therapeutic skin care products (photo: courtesy of Good Body)

I don’t know about you, but the belaboring, chilly, dry air in LA has been cracking my skin up, and not in humorous sort of manner. Thankfully, I have found sweet relief from a fresh new box of Good Body therapeutic skin care products that graciously showed up at my front door, just a week ago.

Mmmmy skin is now bathing in heavenly oils and herbs whipped in creams, packed in the softest scrubs of all scrubs, luscious salves, butters and refreshing mists. This time, however, I held myself back a touch from my last spontaneous indulgence, when I layered all the lotions and potions into a wild cacophony onto and into my epidermis as I lifted each new concoction from the wrapping. Now, I can say I have matured to apply each of the options as they are fit for different areas of my skin and even on different occasions. But, the impulse to apply with wild abandon remains latent. All I can say is, “Wow!” There is good reason why Good Body products have stacked up some serious accolades and awards of late.

Healing rosemary, used in Good Body therapeutic skin care products (photo: courtesy of Good Body)
Healing rosemary, used in Good Body therapeutic skin care products (photo: courtesy of Good Body)

Last year Good Body took the plunge and bought 10 acres with a home and a separate space for their new GBP facility which is currently being built out to earn them 100% organic certification, the highest standard of organic certified. That’s a big deal! They were already finalist (top 9) in the nation for Martha Stewart’s American Made competition in 2014, so this new 100% organic certification will certainly do more than nudge them higher upon that pole and more! Natural Solutions Magazine awarded them “Beauty With a Conscience Award” for top product of 2015 for their Arnica & St Johns Wort Sugar Body Scrub, which I can certainly attest is A+ #1. They also won a congratulatory Grand Prize from the Windham Regional Business Plan Competition ($10k). Good Body participated in the esteemed Bella NY Magazine’s annual White Party in the Hampton’s hosted by Lisa Vanderpump (300 of our Calendula scrubs) and they just got invited to be one of 20 companies to be part of the 2016 Academy Awards!! You could say that Good Body is on the up and up, and for good reason. Their therapeutic, organic, products made from locally sourced ingredients in southern Vermont are Goooooood!

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Stuff your loved ones’ stalkings with any of the myriad of Good Body options or wrap them up in a box. You will be sure to bring the recipients some serious peace and tranquility! And for an extra bonus, throw a few bottles in a bag for you! You most certainly deserve some holiday cheer too!


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