Mane Addicts and OGX Beauty Event May Have Changed My Life…or at least my hair 

Mane Addicts was at it again days before the Oscars at 901Too, launching OGX Beauty’s new hair care lines.

Celebrity Stylist, Jennifer Yepez, styling Oscar ready hair, at OGX and Mane Addicts Event at 901Too (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)
Celebrity Stylist, Jennifer Yepez, styling Oscar ready hair, at OGX and Mane Addicts Event at 901Too (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

On deck was gorgeous celebrity stylist, Jennifer Yepez, working her magic on a couple of models. The look she created was Oscar ready with smooth backed sides and a high front that cascaded to a more natural lay of hair down the back. Jennifer explained that the benefits of OGX products are that they do not weigh down hair or darken blond with a wet look. She suggested using just a light hairspray to set the look, only when completely done.

“What’s up for this year’s Oscars?” a blogger questioned.  “Probably a more sleek and polished look,” Jennifer mused, “that shows the face, is slicked back and then teased at the ends.

“Blonds want less product on top,” Yepez instructed. “Hair spray makes hair dark and gives a wet look. So, she suggested using a thickening mouse to get hair to stay (so it doesn’t fall down) and use a comb brush with hair spray to lay down any flyaways. Use very little hair spray just on the sides, top and back, so that the top and back will still look very blond. Then, use a teaser comb just a little at the ends. For fine hair, Jennifer suggested using a low setting of medium heat to dry hair and to only use spray lightly for a final finishing set.

Mane Addicts sytlists at OGX event at 901Too (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)
Mane Addicts stylists at OGX event at 901Too (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Yepez also said that of the 42 shows she does in a season, most are “ready to wear.” She noted for us that, “What you wear should dictate your hair and makeup.”


img_7555In talking with OGX’s CMO Dana Paris and Mane Addicts experts, it turns out that most women usually keep an arsenal of hair care products at hand, in the same way we have a variety of make-up and clothes. Let’s face it. We have different needs with each new day. Now, I don’t feel so bad. But, my revolving collection has burgeoned from a constant search for perfect products to keep and hold forever and ever. And, my approach has never worked. I think I needed an older sister or two. From build up on my scalp, weighing down my curls, shocking my olfactory glands, drying out my fine, fragile crazy hair, to breaking my bank, somehow how I find my tresses just don’t seem to align with my hopes for the perfect products to perfect my locks for long, if at all – unless of course, a professional is at the helm.

But, it turns out OGX Beauty has re-invigorated my hopes once again! OGX hair care products will not break the bank, and the combination of the Niacin + Caffeine and Coconut Curls lines (for me) are light and nourishing to my locks, don’t weigh them down and smell amazing. Plus, my favorite mouse still works wonders. And speaking of re-invigorating, I’m finding that the Coconut Curls Frizz-Defying Styling Milk is an easy fix in the morning to get my curls tame and ready for public viewing. Trust me, usually my hair stands straight on end in illogical multi-directional, frizzy chunks. “Bed head” is an understatment. Taming is typically impossible. Now, I don’t have to completely dunk my hair under the water-spout of my tub or shower every single morning to start the styling journey all over. This alone is a life changer for me! Plus, my curls hold throughout the whole day now, given I don’t fluff my locks incessantly. Curly hair seriously cannot be touched once dried, unless you’re after an electrified look. This, I have at least finally learned.

Turns out that OGX Beauty is in constant development and been turning out new products like crazy over the short time they’ve even existed. Why? You ask. To find the perfect combos for all types of hair needs. I think this new journey I’ve embarked on just might last a long while!


I’m super excited to continue to sample the OGX goods to see what they provide over time. But, so far so good. And, I’m working down the styling options highlighted during the event too! Give them a go yourself and let us know what you think!

A couple of tips to go: Coconut water is good for fine hair and the new, clear, berry O2 has antioxidants that help carry hydration to hair. Who couldn’t use a bit of that?




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