The Most Unique Mother’s Day Gift- Interchangeable Heels


Mother’s Day is here and we have the best present idea. It is important to get your mother something that is unique and creative. Tanya Heath Paris- Los Angeles has the answer for you! Give your mother the most fashionable and innovative present. Make travel, outfit changes, and style easy for your mother with Tanya Heath interchangeable heels.

The TANYA HEATH Paris’ retail approach is revolutionizing the world of women’s footwear by emphasizing the idea that, “You are many women” with their interchangeable “one-click” heels. Inspired by her own needs, Heath wanted to create an effortlessly interchangeable shoe to reduce packing needs, easily manage weekend getaways, and decrease traveling stress. With a TANYA HEATH Paris’ shoe set, a week’s worth of shoe fashion can be easily packed, transported, and maintained; a carryon can now become one’s personal closet.  After the success of her boutiques in Porto, Toronto, and Paris, Tanya’s vision is finally coming to the United States.

Astrid Veau Noir (2)

Every pair of TANYA HEATH Paris couture shoes is a work of art, hand painted, or hand-wrapped in the Paris boutique, using French sizing, materials, and craftsmanship. All of the models of shoes and heels are crafted in the Loire Valley, which is one of the traditional shoe-making regions of France. The easy, revolutionary “one-click method” results in the first multi-height shoe with removable heels, bringing customization opportunities to the home rather than through a third party location.

The current three collections feature a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns, tribal motifs, and iconic cultural symbols. Through TANYA HEATH Paris- LA’ patented personalization process, the entire TANYA HEATH Paris heel line can be customized at a client’s request so she can express her individuality and look.

The Los Angeles boutique will have a heel designer present most of the week, allowing for easy changes and on-the-spot designing. Additionally, a stand-alone “heel bar” is being installed, so a client may have a more hands-on and empowering approach in tailoring her shoes to her vision.

Currently, you can also get your mom dreamy crystallized heels at TANYA HEATH Paris – LA store. Dream-up your own design and they will custom crystallize for you. Just email and visit their store online to see all the amazing collection styles of Spring / Summer shoes of up to 200 heel designs.


“When you meld science and expert craftsmanship, you inevitably get the perfect pair of shoes,” says Heath. “Now, every woman can choose from three collections, blending her personal life and styles with the art of shoe design; fashion and lifestyle diversity has never been easier.”

As the first United States brand ambassador and owner of the first TANYA HEATH Paris boutique in the U.S., Pame Schmider will usher in a new French fashion revolution to Los Angeles in the heart of the style-famed (always en vogue) Robertson Boulevard across from celebrity-favorite restaurant, “The Ivy.” During a trip to Paris in 2014, Schmider was shopping on the Left Bank and by joyful happenstance came upon a store that she describes as being, “like no shoe store I had ever seen before.” When she stepped inside TANYA HEATH Paris, she knew immediately this was an uncommonly innovative, exciting, and revolutionary take on heels and shoes. In fact, she was so impressed with her shoes that within days of buying her first pair with 12 interchangeable sets of heels, she contacted the founder and luxury shoe designer, Tanya Heath, proposing to bring the brand to the United States. On May 1st, 2015 the first US store opened. Read about our first time getting the LaLaScoop on the fancy footwear.

Tanya Heath Paris

108 S. Robertson Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

Hours: Monday through Friday from 11AM to 7PM; Saturday from 11AM to 6PM; and Sunday from 12 noon to 5PM

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