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michelle lovitt fitness tips


Michelle  Lovitt is the author of Exercise For Your Muscle Type: the Smart Way to Get Fit and creator of ULTIMATE FLAT BELLY DVD series. She currently runs, Lovitfitness, a Beverly Hills based training company that is known for getting clients in remarkable shape. She has trained some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Amber Valetta, Courtney Cox, Julianne Moore, Lauren Graham, and David Duchovony.

Michelle Lovitt’s background in Exercise Physiology is why her methodology and results reside in heart rate based training. Michelle’s signature training method TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER gives her clients educational tools that help them understand their bodies, lose body fat, get stronger, stay motivated, and enjoy a better quality of life. Lalascoop sat down with Michelle Lovitt to give the readers exclusive information and tips to keep fit for the fall and holidays to come.

Michelle Lovitt’s Fitness Tips

Q: What are three indoor and three outdoor exercises you recommend right now?

A: The indoor exercises I love are circuit type moves where you go from one to the next without rest. Michelle recommends bench press reps of 10 into squat press reps of 10, followed by renegade rows. These moves work the entire body and get your heart rate up so that you are doing both strength training and conditioning. Outdoor exercise would be more geared toward body weight movements. I would do Inchworms with push-ups for 10 yards followed by 10 burpees with a jump and plank holds for 2 rounds.

Q: What healthy snacks do you recommend these days?

A: I am in love with Ips Snacks. The fact that you can have a snack that is not only healthy but tastes good is such a huge bonus. I recommend clients to have this snack post workout to bring their cortisol levels back to normal with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates provided by the IPS chip.


Q: People are so busy and barely have time to get their fitness in. What 15 minute workout can you recommend?

A: A workout I would recommend to women to do every day for 15 minutes would never be the same. I would have them perform a workout with a heart rate monitor to ensure that that were training above 60% of their maximum heart rate. I would have them do multi-joint movements; such as squats, curls, and press exercises with various other movements. It is important to change the sets and repetitions every day. You never want the body to become too efficient at an activity or your results will slow down.

Q: How has your fitness career been fabulous?

A: My fitness career has been fabulous from the get-go. I absolutely love what I do every day. I was lucky enough to work for three Division 1 schools as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and now I get to work with various people in all jobs, and train celebrities to look and feel their best! The best part is when you get taken on location; that might be the most fun.

Q: How do you keep fit?

A: I keep fit doing strength training, hiking, running, yoga and paddle boarding. I love to move so there isn’t much I don’t do.

Q: What are three fun activities that will also help you lose weight?

A: Hiking, paddle boarding and lifting weights

Q: What three items should be in your shopping cart weekly?

A: Berries, avocados, and gluten free bread.


Q: What fitness advise can you give us that is timeless?

A: I think it is important to train smarter not harder. Invest in a heart rate monitor, I love Pear Sports heart rate monitor, because it allows me to see how intense my exercise is or isn’t. It is important to know where your fuel is coming from during exercise and if you are burning body fat or muscle glycogen.


CMPhoto161Jennifer Conroy, born and raised in Los Angeles, is an entertainment and lifestyle public relations maven. When she is not working on the red carpet, she is dining out or buying goods that make her happy. Jennifer is also the Founder of 3 lifestyle blogs: Food Flaunt, Pronounced Beauty, and Happy Bites U.S.




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