Fall Lala: A Trio of Seasonal Experiences in L.A.

It’s autumn in L.A. once again, and while the rest of the country shivers, we’re blessed with warm days and cool nights. This is a time of year to celebrate, and with that in mind, here are three ways to let your spirit soar this fall.

The Rooftop Above Sixty

Nothing says Los Angeles quite like reclining poolside with a view of the Hollywood Hills, watching great movies. Above Sixty, in the heart of Beverly Hills, is the ideal place to soak up the moonlight. Grab a bite at Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room, then head to roof for a nightcap.

Meta-L.A.: Pulp Fiction tells a uniquely L.A. story, screened here in a uniquely L.A. locale. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

I recently spread out on a sofa and smoked two cigars (not simultaneously, just to be clear) and enjoyed a couple glasses of Japanese whiskey (I might be underestimating that amount, just FYI) as Pulp Fiction was projected across the glowing pool onto a wall, with the dimly lit hills as a backdrop.

The Santa Anas kept the evening just warm enough that my new cardigan demonstrated more style than substance. But then, stylish is exactly how I’d describe the scene at Above Sixty. The movie series has come to a close this year but the rooftop remains a great spot to soak up the night air.

Fall Cocktails at Faith & Flower

Ryan Wainwright’s exotic cocktails features some full-bodied libations that will keep you in good spirits this season. Faith & Flower remains one of the best dining locales in the city, and has a bar program worthy of it. I visited this local favorite just in time for the launch of the new cocktail menu.

The insanely delicious Milk Punch at Faith & Flower. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

The Milk Punch is just about everyone’s favorite cocktail, so I had to begin there. Afterward, lead bartender Darwin Porter took me on a tour of the new menu (which is to say, I sampled quite a few drinks — oh, and thank you, Uber).

The Writer’s Block is a new personal favorite of mine: sophisticated while packing a punch. With three-quarters of an ounce of sherry, it’s not your garden-variety cocktail, nor is it for the faint of heart. I don’t know if it will cure your writer’s block, but it will definitely cure your sobriety.

Pumpkin pie at The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole is fall on a plate…and in a cup. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

A hot cup of coffee and a warm slice of pumpkin pie–the essence of fall. The salted caramel pecan pie is another seasonal favorite, as is Mom’s Apple Pie and a petite maple pie. There is, however, a limit to the amount of pie one can reasonably eat, so if you’re going to have pie, why have anything less than the best? (Notice I said, “reasonably.”)

With pie this good, you need coffee that keeps pace. And The Pie Hole makes a mean cup of Joe. They buy fair-trade beans and support co-op and family-owned farms, such as Cafe Femenino, a Latin American co-op run exclusively by women. If you’re feeling really indulgent, and I hope you are, pair a slice of pie with an affogato for the trifecta. You’re welcome.

The Pie Hole has four locations around L.A. and another in Orange County. The menu is broken down into the sweet and the savory, with a selection of savory breakfast pies, as well, including delicious quiches.


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