The Pandemic-Proof Office

It’s a new era we’re living in, one that’s going to take some getting used to. As the country relaxes the lockdown and people return to their workplaces, architects and designers are working on new concepts for the future of office space.  For years, the trend in office design had moved in the direction of open spaces in an effort to promote collaboration and camaraderie. … Continue reading The Pandemic-Proof Office

Italian Team Scores in Your Kitchen

Cooking Italian at home is such a unique and satisfying experience, it even has its own Spotify playlist. Few pleasures in life rival the heavenly aromas of a kitchen stove sauteeing traditional Italian ingredients like garlic, onion, and tomato. And if you’re like me, you consider artisanal sauces and pastas a form of currency, and a cupboard full of such items a virtual treasure chest. … Continue reading Italian Team Scores in Your Kitchen

Sanity in the Time of Coronavirus

Well, we’re a few weeks in and you’re probably beginning to feel like Jack Torrance well into his “novel” at the Overlook Hotel (and if you’ve never seen “The Shining,” you truly have no excuses now). But ol’ Jack might not have gone so stir crazy if he’d just taken a few quarantining tips from yours truly.  The first thing to remember is that we’re … Continue reading Sanity in the Time of Coronavirus

Lionel Richie Understands the Sweet Smell of Success

Lionel Richie just seems synonymous with seduction, doesn’t he? I’m reminded of the scene in “Election” in which Mr. Novotny sneaks young Tracy Flick into his house, gets her a can of root beer and what does he put on? You’re once… twice…  “Three Times a Lady.”  So, it’s only natural that someone who’s been so integral in engineering intimate encounters would branch out into … Continue reading Lionel Richie Understands the Sweet Smell of Success

A Paso Robles Weekender Primer

The cliché is that it’s what Napa used to be. But Paso Robles doesn’t seem to care for the comparisons with the long-established wine country to the north. Oh, they’re happy to provide fruit for those big “Napa Valley” Zins and Cabs, but appear happy to carve out their own distinct niche in the wine world. Less than four hours north on the 101 in … Continue reading A Paso Robles Weekender Primer

The Christmas Market in Cambria

It’s not L.A. — not the climate, not the urban sprawl, not the wealth disparity, not even the jerks — that makes celebrating Christmas here such a challenge. OK, maybe those factor in. But primarily, I find it’s difficult for many of us to get into the spirit of the season simply because we live here. The city is, for us, business as usual. And … Continue reading The Christmas Market in Cambria

A Teeling Tasting at The Tasting Kitchen

It was the Irish who put the “e” in whiskey. And you can really taste the difference. Irish whiskey is distinct from other whiskies around the world, offering a flavorful profile all its own. But while the rest of the industry has relocated to nearby Cork, Teeling is proudly distilling in Ireland’s traditional home of whiskey-making. Earlier this year, the company opened the first new … Continue reading A Teeling Tasting at The Tasting Kitchen

Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget

If your idea of Santa Barbara is limited to downtown, it’s time to expand your horizons. In fact, Santa Barbara is so much more — it’s wine country, it’s sandy beaches, it’s exciting new restaurants and cafes, and of course, it’s charming hotels designed for a weekend getaway.  And if you want to stay in town or just south, in upscale Montecito, you’re going to … Continue reading Pro Tip: Santa Barbara on a Budget

Methodology Delivers Fantasy Meals

My fantasy life, and this is probably going to be a lot more disappointing than you’re thinking, involves morning strolls through a street market like the Left Bank’s Rue Mouffetard, collecting ingredients for that evening’s dinner and pausing for a fresh croissant and a warm cup of coffee. I melt a little just thinking about it. Such an unhurried, serene existence is a luxury I’ve … Continue reading Methodology Delivers Fantasy Meals

A Lavish Brunch at the Grove

The Grove, TripAdvisor’s number-one ranked shopping destination in Los Angeles, played host last week to the inaugural “Lavish Brunch,” a gorgeously set 150-foot dining table atop the trolley tracks.  Chef Dominique Ansel of acclaimed restaurant 189 showcased a menu of brunch fare for the 150 guests who braved the heat and dined in the shade of umbrellas and refreshed with Lillet-based cocktails. His offerings included … Continue reading A Lavish Brunch at the Grove