An Angeleno’s Brief Guide to a San Francisco Getaway

If it’s not the outer rim of where I’m willing to drive in a single day, it’s pretty darn close. If you haven’t road-tripped to San Francisco in a while, or ever, you should. And not because it builds character, although it kind of does, but because it’s an exhilarating, exotic destination that’s only about a Vegas and a half away. Or fly, who cares.  … Continue reading An Angeleno’s Brief Guide to a San Francisco Getaway

So Cal is Cocktail Country

Southern California is home to a thriving cocktail culture. And coffee, and beer, and wine, and juice, I suppose, too, but let’s focus on the mixology for now. I want to highlight a location in four local counties where you are guaranteed to experience the state of the bartender’s art. And I’m going to recommend a particular cocktail at each.  Let’s begin in Orange County, … Continue reading So Cal is Cocktail Country

A Santa Barbara Overnighter… or Two

Let’s face it, we cover Santa Barbara quite a bit in this space. And with good cause. Like Palm Springs to the east and San Diego to the south, it’s a welcoming destination within about 90 minutes, which is about how long it takes to clear one’s head of the daily grind. Best of all you can just hop on a train. On my latest … Continue reading A Santa Barbara Overnighter… or Two

Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat

In the olden days, a singular variety of cocktail apparently sufficed for the whole year. Your parents and grandparents can no doubt attest to a time when the bartender would ask some variation of “What’s your poison?” Or, if you were a regular, there’d be no need to even ask. And that concoction – usually a spirit enhanced by a liqueur or a mixer – … Continue reading Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat

Get Back into the Swing of Things in Cabo

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve hopped on a plane and left the country. It was for me. I hadn’t boarded anything larger than my own vehicle since the ol’ pre-pandemic days. So when I received an opportunity to fly down to Cabo and stay for a few days at one of the finer resorts in all of Baja, I figured it was high … Continue reading Get Back into the Swing of Things in Cabo

Find Your Summertime Oasis

The recent heat wave in the usually mild month of April portends sweltering weather come late summer. It got me thinking about a contingency plan should the mercury reach the triple digits. An evacuation drill was in order. The safety bunker would need to be someplace reachable within a couple of hours’ drive lest we risk some kind of vehicular breakdown under the scorching sun, … Continue reading Find Your Summertime Oasis

Weekender a L’Orange

Orange County is in the national spotlight this week following a catastrophic oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach. The devastation will last years. Authorities are cautioning the public to stay away from the affected areas. Fortunately, Orange County has so much to offer that you’ll be able to entertain yourself thoroughly as those beaches and wildlands recover.  Disneyland is the obvious centerpiece of … Continue reading Weekender a L’Orange

Ode to LA: Lacoste Shows Support for Uncle Paulie’s Deli; LA Businesses 

Los Angeles is a place like no other. What other oceanfront city has a mountain range running through the middle of it? It’s Hollywood — the entertainment capital of the world, as well as a Mecca of food and fashion. It features the greatest inter-city collegiate rivalry, with USC and UCLA. It’s home to the Dodgers and Lakers, and after a long drought with no … Continue reading Ode to LA: Lacoste Shows Support for Uncle Paulie’s Deli; LA Businesses