Very Engaging, HIS and HER relationship bonding books

Want to connect with you partner more? Do you already make a great team but want to maintain that bond through shared experiences? Very Engaging, a playful, romantic guidebook for dating, engaged, and married couples allows you interact (and laugh) through conversation prompts, checklists, fill in the blanks, smiley faces, comparison answers, and more. Learn more about each other and navigate life’s most serious discussions with confidence and humor.

Have some time before bed where you can laugh and share a couple pages together? Grab a drink and a pencil and pick a chapter – Beginning, Entertainment, Values, Living Together, Money, The Future. This His + Her guidebook by Charly Ligety and Les Starck, who were going through their own relationship challenges, decided they wanted to find a fun, alternative way for couples to stimulate meaningful conversations with their partners. The two embarked on the journey of creating this book to ‘gamify’ your deepest relationship questions, taking each person on a journey of discovery about their relationship. Charly and Les spent countless hours with real couples, marriage counselors, family therapists and their bros to bring you the perfect gift for couples thinking about taking the next step (or those much further along the way.)

Very Engaging is a new way to get real about communicating with your loved one about topics often brushed to the side. Delve deeper with your loved one with this fun guidebook. Perfect for a bridal shower or engagement gift too!

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. – PLATO

Preorder til August 27. Learn more on Instagram at @veryengaging #letsgothere

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