The Breast Whisperer for Comfy Boobs

“I wore it to bed last night. I don’t want to take it off because it is so comfortable! The surgical bras or bras that zip open in the front are all ugly and not comfortable. This one has an awesome design, doesn’t cut under the boobs, arms or behind the back. The bottom lies flat over the incisions and feels good. No seams lies flat under clothing, stretches and yet keeps shape, gives support, and the soft breathable fabric feels good against my body. I would buy more if I had the money to spare. I love it! Three weeks out from extended diep flap surgery, I’m bringing it to show my plastic surgeon, one of the top in NYC/CT.”

– a Connecticut friend who just underwent her second post reconstructive surgery after fighting breast cancer


Created by a notable plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian J. Eichenberg, M.D. who teamed up with fashion designer Ankur Chakraborty, the Breast Whisperer nighttime bra is specifically designed to counteract the effects of gravity for women with large breasts or implants. The Breast Whisperer  is a new concept bra that keeps your breasts perky, helps prevent chest wrinkles especially at night when sleeping by preventing tugging, and keeps them from losing their shape due to gravity.  The bra is like your second skin!

Although the bra was designed for night time, it can be worn all day due to it’s extreme comfort level.  Most sports bras are constricting. It’s the ideal lounge bra and also perfect for pregnant mommies with sore boobs! I loved it so much; I wore it to a workout.

Dr. Eichenberg has performed thousands of breast augmentations and other breast surgeries and he learned over the years that women were always frustrated that there was not a good bra out there for women with augmented breasts.  Same went for women with naturally large breasts.  Voila! The Breast Whisperer comes in many colors, and can be worn all day and night long to help assist with preventing sagging, muscle loss and chest wall wrinkles due to pulling and gravity when sleeping.

A percentage of their proceeds go towards breast cancer patients, survivors, and research.




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