Poppy, the h.wood Group’s newest hotspot

Last night we sashayed down the outdoor hall which was once our STK stomping ground in West Hollywood to experience a night of curiosities, as the h. wood Group unveiled a new hotspot. Created and built by John Sofio of Built, Inc., everything the h. wood Group creates is social magic, so when you get invited to attend their newest nightlife concept, you gladly prepare for a night of mischief.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Upon entering the dark luxe room with its grand glowing chandelier placed in alignment with the name Poppy, the room was filled with cozy tables ready for bottle service, models, and dancing. Scantily clad girls in golden antlers and white dreamlike feather outfits pet stuffed flamingoes and swans, while in another room a girl who looked like she was dressed as a saucy Little Bo Peep was reading a book to a fox.

Photo credit: Harmonie Krieger

The entire backdrop of the major room know as the “library room” glowed like a Gucci library as vintage books and old world decor surrounded the scene. Nearby, in another private room known as the atrium, the ceiling hung with flowers, and the room glowed with an enchanting candle lit fireplace while guests mingled and checked their cells on floral couches. Another back bar had guests mingling about offering three areas to sip champagne, vodka, or wine. A friend commented how Poppy was like a mix between Alice in Wonderland and Boogie Nights with Gucci inspiration.

Photo credit: Dianne Quirante

Although the H. wood Group’s highly successful spots are not too far away (Nice Guy LA just down the road, Peppermint Club around the corner, Delilah in Hollywood, Bootsy Bellows), one thing is certain in the LaLa land of constant stimulation where everyone craves something new, Poppy is sure to embrace the A-listers and starlets who love and frequent the other hotspots in town. Poppy is another creative endeavor that will excite and tantalize guests!

Photo credit: Harmonie Krieger

Private VIP parties have already been booked as Jeremy Scott and UGG will host their collaboration kickoff with a star-studded soiree on Sunday night following the MTV VMAs with show host Katy Perry (a longtime H.Wood Group groupie), among others.

Thursday nights only
755 La Cienega Blvd.
West Hollywood



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