Join Suncadia Resort in Donating to Local Jolly Mountain Fire Departments to Give Relief to Fire Victims

Suncadia Resort with looming summer fire (photo credit: tezRamone)

Join Suncadia Resort in helping local victims of the Jolly Mountain Fires. They’ve been blazing strong and the smoke is intense. Last weekend after my Andiamo Workout concluded the smoke thickened to a consistency of pea soup. We could see planes over the ridge circling and swooping into the water below to douse the fires as we at breakfast at Portals overlooking the valley. The fires are looming and growing and the locals need our help. And Suncadia is offering two ways in which we can all help: a donation based yoga class at the resort and a direct portal to donate to the local fire departments.

Suncadia Resort, view from The Lodge (photo credit: tezRamone)

“We are continuing to monitor the ongoing Jolly Mountain Fire here at Suncadia Resort and our hearts go out to everyone this situation has affected. We have seen the tireless work of our community members joining together to help maintain safety and peace within the areas impacted by the fires and deeply appreciate these efforts,” (Suncadia Resort).

In effort to extend a helping hand and provide a piece of tranquility in this very difficult time, Suncadia is inviting everyone to join us for a bit of peace and restoration, as they open our doors to the community for this Sunday’s yoga class for National Yoga Month. The class, led by certified instructors Antonella Zabaglio & DJ Jordan Goffby,  will be a 75-min fusion of yoga and musical inspiration, open to all ages and held on Suncadia’s gorgeous property. There will be no cost to participate, but instead it is suggested that participants offer a donation, in any amount, of which 100% will be given to the local fire departments, who have been working fiercely to combat the fire.

Dry Sparkling and Kind Snacks provided for Suncadia Resort’s Sunday Yoga Class (photo credit: tezRamone)

Event Details
Date: Sunday, September 10th
Time: 11:00am
Location: Rialto Ballroom in The Lodge
Supplies: Please bring your own yoga mat.
Sponsors: Dry Sparkling and KIND Snacks.

DONATE to the local Jolly Mountain Fire Department here.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word and donating to the fires. We hope that you, your friends and family will be able to enjoy the yoga class as well!


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