Suncadia, LaLaScoop and Andiamo Body Kick Off National Yoga Month Together

Not even the PNW fires could hold our summer partnership back! LaLaScoop, Andiamo Body and Suncadia Resort kicked off National Yoga Month at Suncadia in super Cali and local Seattle style. After a kick*** class of strength and cardio relays, high-fives and laughter we settled into some gentle yoga asanas while looking out into the courtyard entrance to the iconic Suncadia Lodge. Although the local fires and impending smoke kept us from flying and flowing in the great outdoors, their ballroom did just the trick to get our exercise on. And, after entering into some well-deserved moments of relaxation, guests awakened out of their savannas to gift bags at their toes, stuffed with goodies by Buddha Pants (the super fabulous “pants that make you want to dance” for realz), Honey Skin Spa, GoodBody Skin Products, Lorna Jane, and YogiRu swag. And then, the raffle happened! Our sponsors gave some serious gifts of love for our Andiamo Body signature fitness event, and we are so, so very thankful; and so were our Suncadia guests, I might add.
Rochelle Robinson of Andiamo Body and LaLaScoop soaking in the sights and getting a kick out of the flyers all over Suncadia Resort to spread the word about our joint kick-off National Yoga Month together (photo credit: TezRamone) 

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Floating on our magical La Vie Boheme Yoga mats apres our Andiamo Body workout and raffle at Suncadia Resort (photo credit: TezRamone)

La Vie Boheme Yoga donated their incredibly beautiful Marseille yoga mat. The design, in soft purples and pinks, looks authentically worn into the surface. Co-owners and designers, Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova, launched their company a couple of years back in LaLaLand, and we were blessed to be there at their Modo Yoga event with them. Since then, these lovely ladies have graced the likes of Coachella Festival with their yogi glamour and goods, as well as many other Cali hot spots. Everytime I break out my La Vie Boheme Yoga mat, compliments abound. Their boho mats are unique, artful and oh so cushy. Lately, I’ve been crushing on my meditation mat all summer long. Ooh! And, from the looks of it… our winner, Shalin, will be crushing forever on her new La Vie Boheme Yoga mat too! #cannevergetenoughboho

Our Suncadia Resort raffle winner, Meredith, with Rochelle Robinson of Andiamo Body and LaLaScoop (photo credit: TezRamone)

Suncadia Resort, which is part of the incredibly vast and luxurious Destination Hotels, graciously gifted quite a grand prize of a two-night stay at their esteemed Lodge along with a gift certificate for a yummy dinner for two at their picturesque Portals Restaurant. Woah! We were blown away. And, I can’t say I wasn’t tempted to put my name back in the bid. Congrats to Meredith! We know you’ll love every minute upon your return!

Suncadia Resort is nothing short of incredible. It’s snuggled into the mountains not far off from Seattle, 80 miles – to be more exact. With three golf courses, acres of lush nature, a river running through, a fitness center complete with a water slide, fit for that kid-like spirit in you, that plops right into the indoor pool, an outdoor spa-like pool for the luxuriating adult in you, horse back riding, river rafting, and 1,000 Stairs climb that overlooks the stunning surrounding natural beauty of Cle Elum, Suncadia Resort is a fitness junkies’ mountain vacation dream. I’m still dreaming about the next time I might get to venture back over the hills and through the woods to get there again.

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A variety of accommodations are offered at Suncadia. The Lodge, The Inn and many spectacular lodge-like houses – all grand and oh so pretty, are speckled around the property to purchase or rent. Check out and book Suncadia Resort’s current Falling for Suncadia Offer valid now through November 22, 2017 which even includes a perk of a $50 resort credit p/night.

Suncadia Resort (photo credit: TezRamone)

Plus, crazy but it’s true, the place I just began teaching a Restorative Yoga class and offering Body/ Mind chakra balancing healing at, the Madrona House Apothecary + Healing Arts (an offshoot of Capital Hill Healing Collective) is offering “Your Ephemeral Soul Sister Suncadia Sojourn,” a sisterhood retreat enriched with yoga, healing and much, much loveliness this October. What are the chances? We hope to see you there! Get on that!

Our Honey Skin Spa facial raffle winner’s winning smile! Congrats, Annie! We know you’ll love yoru experence! (photo credit: TezRamone)

Ok, so here’s the secret. Megan Sevik, owner of Honey Skin Spa in Madison Valley, is the freaking best! I love her, I love her space, and I love how my body and skin feels and looks when her magic is complete. A Feng Shui master, it’s no wonder that I felt lured to her spa as I came steps away from the entrance for the first time. I passed by a few times, each time with the same reaction..”That’s going to be my new facial spot.” And, it is. It’s my Seattle spot forever and ever and ever and ever. Megan and Erin Date both give their love to every detail. “Why do anything if you’re not going to put all of your heart into it,” they both agreed one evening as we sat around, chatting it up in their lobby. I feel it. My pours feel it. “Facials are so much more than just slapping product all over your skin,” Megan attests seriously, but with a giggle. (Look for her LaLaScoop column coming soon!) WithHylunia products in tow, it can be, should be, and in such apparent reality is so.much.more. at Honey Skin Spa. On top of it, Megan is even a Reike master. And upon request, she will include a session with your facial. It’s the best thing ever. I was so excited that she gifted us with a facial to raffle off at Suncadia! I have a funny feeling our winner, Annie, might just be hooked soon too!

Our lovely GoodBody Skin Products winner, Helen, awating the future nurishing indulgences upon her skin, along with Rochelle Robinson of LaLaScoop and Andiamo Body (photo credit: TezRamone)

One of our LaLaScoop continued TopFavs is GoodBody Skin Products. Created by hand in small batches of organic and locally sourced ingredients in Southern Vermont, Trish Thomas’ specialty skin salves, scrubs, butters and more send my olfactory glands into a blessed conniption fit each time I open them up and slip them on. Gifted in our swag bags along with a gracious bundle for our raffle, GoodBody was more than generous. I suggest you get your hands on some product asap. Your skin will thank you, “Awwwe!” Congrats to Helen on your win! How are you feeling? GoodBody good, right?

Rochelle Robinson of LaLaScoop and Andiam Body at Suncadia Resort with our awesome YogiRu raffle winners, Katherine and her lucky husband Bob (photo credit: TezRamone)

Discovered at Wanderlust 108 Seattle this summer, YogiRu blew me away. Shayne Ebrahimi’s yoga wear sports lovely designs created by her artist friends. I hope to be one of those lucky devils soon! The smooth sumptuous fabric alone is a “to die for” factor, but the fact that her yoga pants are so unique just doubles down on that. Plus, she’s brand spankin’ new on the scene and just so adorable and sweet. How could you say, “no?” Katherine’s husband, Bob, actually won YogiRu’s fabulous painted pants, and he very lovingly handed them over to his wife. I think they were both pretty happy with that grab!

Rochelle Robinson of LaLaScoop and Andiamo Body at Suncadia Resort celebrating our Lorna Jane and Andiamo Body raffle winner and fitness rockstar, Kim (photo credit: TezRamone)

Being a proud Lorna Jane Active Living Ambassador via my fit biz Andiamo Body, we were psyched to offer their gift of a jam packed fitness journal to track all of your fitness and nutritional goals, aspirations and achievements. Pretty cool stuff, whether you’re getting into the fitness world or already deep in it. In fact, they’re so fab that Lorna Jane Active in Bellevue Square thought they’d just extend a special gift of $40 off when you spend $200 (not hard to do) to our LaLaScoop readers. Pretty sweet, huh? We topped off their raffle journal with an Andiamo Body hat, just to keep the sun off our winner’s pretty face! Congrats, Kim!

Watch out for our next Andiamo Body and LaLaScoop fitness events in LA and Seattle! And, Thanks to all of our amazing swag bag and raffle sponsors, and a special thank you to Suncadia Resort for hosting. It was an incredible, fabulous, luxurious weekend of fun! We hope to see you very soon! Let’s do it again and again and again…

Rochelle Robinson of Andiamo Body and LaLaScoop leading the yoga segmnet of her signature Andiamo Body workout at Suncadia Resort to kick off National Yoga Month (photo credit: TezRamone)

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