Goldie Malone’s Cabaret Speakeasy

Goldie Malone’s Cabaret Speakeasy brings every young starlets Hollywood dreams to life, with amazing storytelling though the use of music while channeling a 1940’s glamour Hollywood vibe. Although you might immediately think “musical” (ugh) this is far more than that!….this is an experience.

Lisa Alvarez, the shows creator, uniquely uses contemporary music to tell this story, yet doesn’t detract from the intended 1940’s speakeasy vein.

This journey starts upon entering one of LA’s classic 1920’s theatres where immediately the sense of a vintage cabaret fills the smoky air.  The shows star, Thurzday Lyons, begins her transformation from theatre custodian to Hollywood Starlet, utilizing the songs of Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera among other well recognized artists. The 90 minute show takes the star through a number of  ups and downs including, of course, a cheating boyfriend (no story is complete without one) and his replacement as her dreams come true… or do they?

As a backdrop to Thurzday’s repertoire, numerous cabaret style dancers provide a very visual and erotic accompaniment to the story.  Although Goldie Malone’s has a large sense of theatre to it, the audience is not to be left out, as the dancers mingle among tables, dance with patrons, and perform off stage scenes.

In an attempt to not give away the entire show,  I do recommend that you stay until the very end because no show is ever over till the curtain comes down… you never know who may just “show up”.

Goldie Malone’s is currently on a bi-monthly schedule at the Globe Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and is a pleasant escape from the gritty DTLA nightlife.

All photos courtesy of Dion Antic.

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