Tequila Avión and the Holidays

Eggnog is for Amateurs. Those of us who truly know how to celebrate or drown out the holiday spirit turn to the beverage that matters… Tequila, really Good Tequila. That being said, is there a better way to spend a Thursday night during the holidays than sampling some amazing crafted holiday Tequila based cocktails, at three of West Hollywood’s finest establishments?… nope. Thanks to the … Continue reading Tequila Avión and the Holidays

Goldie Malone’s Cabaret Speakeasy

Goldie Malone’s Cabaret Speakeasy brings every young starlets Hollywood dreams to life, with amazing storytelling though the use of music while channeling a 1940’s glamour Hollywood vibe. Although you might immediately think “musical” (ugh) this is far more than that!….this is an experience. Lisa Alvarez, the shows creator, uniquely uses contemporary music to tell this story, yet doesn’t detract from the intended 1940’s speakeasy vein. … Continue reading Goldie Malone’s Cabaret Speakeasy