Smorgasburg LA in photos

Smorgasburg, the open air market that started in Brooklyn is now in downtown LA every Sunday from 10:00 – 4:00 on the five-acre site of the weekday Alameda Produce Market in Downtown Los Angeles, which is part of a larger, new development called ROW DTLA. Often food vendors from out of town may pop up for one day. Although it has been open for a year, we finally made it to this eye opening, mouth drooling extravaganza. Next time, we will take home a New Haven Style Pizza to go!

Smorgasburg is a foodie’s delight with over 65 vendors, and perfect for families or friends that want to share exciting new food concoctions. Besides food vendors, browse unique shopping from clothing, jewelry, health, craft, vintage, and more. Here is the LA list of vendors.

Here’s the LaLaScoop on some of our favorite spots:

Sticky Rice – My craving for mango sticky rice began in Thailand with a daily dose for dinner, and I’ve tried to replicate this dish in LA by even buying the rice from the Thai market. No luck, my version didn’t even remotely taste the same, so I screamed for a joy as my first appetizer of Mango Sticky Rice with a nice sweet cream drizzle came from this cool food truck.


BOLO takes the traditional Hong Kong favorite sweet pineapple bun and stuffs it with Jidori Fried Chicken or different ice cream flavors. BOLO is the FIRST concept of it’s kind to hit the US and Los Angeles!



George Motz sweet onion juicy burger made a one time appearance. I don’t even love burgers, and I was a bit upset my husband wolfed this succulent cheeseburger down before I had time for only a few bites. It was incredible! I later learned George Motz is the host of Travel Channel’s Burger Land and author of the book Hamburger America, also a film.



Brothecary – A 6 year old had to teach me how to eat this giant soup dumpling known as xiao long bao filled with pork and chicken bone broth and meat. First, poke a hole the little girl advised, which then shot out the hot liquid, then use your straw. I  sipped the warm hearty goodness, and now wish we had this place in Malibu. Their premium bone broth or elixir served with dumplings has even caught on with the Goop crowd. Borrowing from their family’s Cantonese recipe, twins Allison So and Janice have whipped up these traditional ingredients for your health or pleasure.



Lobsterdamus showcased lobster fries, half a grilled lobster, lobster over Mac and cheese, lobster over noodles, and even lobster over tortilla chips. For the east coast lobsta luva, this is pure heaven.


New Haven Style Pizza or Urban Pizza (Urban Catering) was an exceptional discovery, cooked in that wood fired oven, thin and crisp, just the way people who grew up in Connecticut like it! Find white clam and bacon, so meaty, Italian sausage, heavy vegetable, and Margherita from $12-$15.

Todo Verde

On our way out, we picked up a fancy aqua Fresca from Todo Verde called Amorcito with strawberry, rose, chia, and maple syrup that was not too sweet and refreshing. Interesting horchata blends were also available.

Other items we oohed and aaaaahed at that we could not fit in our belly included pastrami from Ugly Drum, grilled shrimp in pineapples from Shrimp Daddy, fried chicken from Rooster Republic, Little Llama Peruvian Tacos, uni from The Jolly Oyster, and beautiful açaí bowls in coconuts from Amazebowls.

Excite your mind and stomach at Smorgasburg!

A new parking garage for more than 4,000 cars is available at ROW DTLA nearby.

785 Bay St., Los Angeles, CA 90021, with 2 hours free parking. No pets allowed.


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