Make your life easier with for all your bulk needs, plus wine and holiday cocktails

No time for the grocery store? No time to run around buying gifts? Who wants to be stuck in traffic? Who wants to waste valuable time in long lines? Who actually wants to go to Costco? Who wants to lug wine or spirits home from the store to the car when a click of a button can have a wine selection like “Globetrotting Red Wines” sent directly to your home? Poof! is your answer – products you love in bulk for the smallest prices, arriving right at your doorstep.


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No membership fees, no warehouse club insanity, Boxed offers an extensive array of bulk-sized, nonperishable products from a highly-curated selection. We tried it out recently and now we have Dunkin Donuts coffee bulk size for months, Cheese-its in bulk for on- the-go snacks and ski trips, Brownie Brittle in Bulk, Voss water and more. As a frequent traveler, I won’t be buying expensive snacks at the airport, but making my own snack bags to-go! Instead of schlepping to the store every time we need to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party, we are now prepared with a selection ready-to-go, thanks to Boxed Wines delivered right to our door. You can even gift a 6 bottle wine selection by theme or region. Click. Done.



Now, starting December 14 for the first time ever in California, Angelenos can shop beyond their full grocery list (snacks and produce) and household supplies with Boxed Spirits, cocktails and cordials delivered straight to your doorstep, or delivered straight to your friends or family as a gift. The national launch occurs in the beginning of 2018. is the gift that keeps on giving with effortless and hassle-free delivery service. Plus, free samples. Try it out! To see our own BOX from, get the LaLaScoop on our Instagram. Read how BOXED began on Forbes.

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