Delightful Waffles at Dolly Llama

Are you looking for a unique dessert in Los Angeles? Head to Downtown to try Dolly Llama’s unique waffles.

Dolly Llama is best known for their take on the bubble waffle. While the traditional Hong Kong style bubble waffle features light, air-filled bubbles, Dolly Llama puts a Belgian spin on theirs. Their pastry chef spent a year in Paris perfecting the Dolly Llama waffle batter. Their bubble waffle is an east/west hybrid of sorts. The waffle takes the form of a Hong Kong style bubble waffle but has the density and richness of a Belgian waffle.

Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by the smell of fresh waffles and the sight of waffle irons and a toppings bar. Waffle enthusiasts can choose from their specialty bubble waffle, classic OG Belgian waffle, or instagrammable waffle stick. After selecting your waffle vessel, you choose one sauce and two toppings. The toppings choices are every five-year old’s dream come true! With over 10 syrups and 30 topping choices, the combination possibilities are endless! Toppings range from fresh fruit to sugary cereals, to candy bars and snacks. Ice cream is an additional $2 fee unless you chose the bubble waffle, then ice cream is included.

The staff was friendly and helpful. My husband, Scott, and I had trouble deciding what we wanted, so the staff happily made recommendations of sauce, toppings, and ice cream combinations. I ordered an OG waffle topped with sweetened condensed milk and milk chocolate sauce, strawberries, Oreos, and cookie monster ice cream. This is an excellent take on the classic Belgian waffle, with just the right amount of fluffiness and chewiness, and the fruit is fresh and sweet. After guidance from a staff member, Scott settled on a bubble waffle with sweetened condensed milk, maple syrup, cinnamon toast crunch, pretzel balls, and horchata ice cream. The condensed milk and maple syrup blend together in sweet and creamy deliciousness, accentuated by the nostalgic crunch of the cinnamon toast cereal and the saltiness of the pretzel balls.

Watching the staff create your waffle is an experience! Their intense focus on presentation matches the deliciousness of the waffle itself. Each waffle is baked in a specially-designed cast, topped with care, and presented beautifully.

The quality of the ice cream is apparent from the first bite. The cookie monster ice cream, with its electric blue color and chunks of cookie, excites the inner 5 year old in you. Flavor-wise, the horchata is the clear winner. The richness of the ice cream along with the perfectly balanced cinnamon flavor tastes like Christmas!

Although we didn’t get the chance to try the waffle stick, it looked to be the most photogenic and portable of the bunch. Also on the list of items to try next time- a list of shakes that sounded outright incredible, with ingredients including the aforementioned cookie monster ice cream, peanut butter, and speculoos cookie butter.

Next time you are in DTLA, be sure to feed your sweet tooth at Dolly Lama!


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