Favorite Costco Products for our Dogs

My goal in life is to become a stay-at-home dog mom. While I shop at Costco regularly for my husband and myself, Costco soon became my go-to store for most of our dogs’ daily needs. Here are some of our favorite dog products, and Brezel and Schnitzel’s favorites as well!



We had no idea when we rescued Brezel, our German Shepherd, that the breed is jokingly referred to as “German Shedders”. Having dark floors, it’s almost impossible to keep a pristine, hair-less floor. That’s why the Roomba is a top Costco pick for any dog owner that wants an easier way to help with stray dog hairs on the floor.

Fish Oil

Even though this is not an “official” dog product, I purchase fish oil from Costco for its fantastic value. After reading and looking into the benefits of fish oil for dogs, I realized Costco had the best value. Pure Alaska Omega-3 was high in both EPA and DHA. With large dogs, this meant feeding each dog five of these capsules a day, rather than the 10+ of any comparative product. I took comfort in knowing that this is a human-grade product, with the least number of ingredients compared to similar products. I checked with the vet, and she said it would be safe for the dogs to take. After a few weeks of taking fish oil, Brezel and Schnitzel’s coats became shiny and soft, and they shed less!

Joint Vitamins

After some sleuthing, we found out that Schnitzel was at least 7 years old. German Shepherds are known for having hip issues, so joint supplements were recommended by our vet. In the store, Costco only has one option, but their online store carries more selection. I decided to buy Cosequin DS in store for Schnitzel to try. The dosage recommends a “starting” level and then tapers down to a maintenance level after 4-6 weeks. Schnitzel can be stubborn when taking pills (usually it take a few attempts and a few pieces of chicken), but when these are placed in his food bowl with kibble, he easily gobbles them up.


Rotisserie Chicken

The best value “dog item” is Costco’s fresh cooked rotisserie chicken. We remove the skin and seasonings and use the cooked meat as special treats, a way to get our dogs to take pills, and to jazz up their dinners. With the leftover bones, I’ve made it a habit of boiling them in water to make a chicken broth. I add this broth to Brezel and Schnitzel’s dry kibble to infuse flavor and moisture, and they love it!

Dog Beds

Costco dog beds provide comfort for your dog at a great value! Since we rescued both dogs, we’ve purchased two round Costco beds, a rectangular mat bed, and a bolster bed. The durable beds are easy to clean with their zip off covers. Schnitzel’s favorite bed is the bolster bed, which is only sold seasonally, so grab them when you see them! They range between $20-$50 depending on the style. Schnitzel even enjoys acting out The Princess and the Pea laying on two beds at one time!

Dog Food

When we rescued Brezel, we were informed that German Shepherds tend to have sensitive stomachs. We were advised to feed her grain-free food. Costco sells both wet and dry dog food at fantastic values. We decided to feed her the “Nature’s Domain” line of dog food, as it is grain-free. Both Brezel and Schnitzel have tried their flavor varieties, which include chicken and pea, salmon and sweet potato, turkey meal and sweet potato, and beef and sweet potato.




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