Cosmetics Can Damage Your Skin

Few women will want to eschew the use of cosmetics, particularly because they are advertised so widely, and we are told that we simply do not look good without ‘putting on a face’. It has been estimated that the average woman in America spends nearly $3,000 on makeup yearly – a considerable sum. When this much money is being spent on cosmetics, you will definitely want to know that what you are putting on your skin is not harming it.

Cosmetics can be looked upon as a way to not only enhance your appearance, but to also cover up skin flaws and conceal the effects of aging. Choosing cosmetics should be done carefully to make sure that the product is compatible with your skin.

Harm from Cosmetics

 It should always be kept in mind that there are many ingredients that go into cosmetics. From your foundation to your eyeliner, to mascara, to blush and powder – all of these products are made up of both natural and artificial ingredients. There is actually very little government oversight of the cosmetic industry in the United States, unlike Europe and Asia, so it is wise to pay attention to what you are putting on your skin, and to be aware of any negative changes that may occur.

  • Allergic reactions are possible with any cosmetic that you put onto your skin. Rashes can occur from foundation makeup or powder and irritation of the eyes can occur from mascara, eyeliner, or the adhesive from false eyelashes.
  • Bacterial infections can also occur from makeup. Sometimes, the makeup is simply so old that it has accumulated a bacterial population over time, especially if it is moist. Applicators such as brushes or sponges can also harbor bacteria. This can make acne worse and can even cause eye infections.
  • Makeup can easily clog pores and dry out skin. Fine lines can develop as the skin dries more and more. Clogged pores will also make it more likely that pimples will form.
  • Although makeup does put a layer onto your skin, it will not protect you from the sun; you will suffer the deleterious effects of the sun unless you have also applied a strong sunscreen under your foundation.
  • Acne can easily be made much worse from makeup, not so much from clogged pores from the makeup itself, but rather because irritation from makeup causes the skin to overreact and produce more skin cells, which will clog the pores, leading to more pimples.

When you do suffer a bad reaction of any kind from your cosmetics, it could be difficult to determine exactly which one is causing the problem. To discover the culprit, you will have to first wait until your skin settles down before using any cosmetic product, and then try them one by one; this will be the only way to identify the irritating agent.

Keeping Your Skin Safe and Healthy

Yes, there are numerous ways that cosmetics can damage your skin, but it is not impossible to prevent harm from occurring if you take some time to take care of your skin. Make routine skin care a habit so that it simply becomes part of your daily life to maximize the chances of keeping your complexion in good shape.

  • Clean skin is healthier skin, and you should wash your face in the morning before putting on any makeup, and in the evening before bed. Never go to bed with makeup on your face, leaving makeup on all night will not only prevent your skin from breathing, it will hold in excess oil and any dirt that may have accumulated during the day. Makeup-laden skin will be more likely to clog pores and result in rashes and/or pimples.
  • For those who have a problem with acne, you will have to pay attention to how your skin reacts to your makeup. Makeup contains chemicals that can aggravate acne and make it worse. One of the ways to prevent irritation from cosmetics is to keep your face clean with a twice daily wash using proactive ingredients.
  • For those with dry or sensitive skin, you will undoubtedly want to use a moisturizer after you have completed washing your face. You will only need a light layer that should be gently rubbed into the skin – your face should not feel greasy after you have finished.

Besides the above suggestions, make sure you get adequate sleep, exercise, eat sensibly and try to reduce stress in your life, this will help keep your skin in good condition with or without makeup.

This post was made possible by Facing Acne.


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