Santa Monica Food Truck Tuesdays Will Satisfy Any Craving

Are you in the mood for a fun, casual weeknight out with friends? Well, then head to Santa Monica Food Truck Tuesdays! Every Tuesday from 5:00pm-9:30pm, half a dozen gourmet food trucks gather in an open lot adjacent to the Victorian and serve up an array of delicious and affordable dishes. Different trucks are also showcased each week, thus providing customers with an opportunity to experience different cuisines and flavors from around the world: Mexican, Italian, Argentinian, BBQ, Vietnamese, Korean….

You can enjoy your food over a picnic on the lawn, or head over to the Victorian patio bar and pair it with a cocktail. The event is also pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friends along.

Last week (Tuesday, April 17th, 2018), the following food trucks were in attendance: Aloha Fridays (Hawaiian), Tender Grill Gourmet Brazilian Kitchen (Brazilian), Thai-Mex Cocina (Thai-Mexican fusion), Heritage LA (Farm to Table), Straight Outta the Grill (American Bistro), and Churro Stix (Dessert). There was even a whiskey truck called Monkey Shoulder Monkey Mixer offering hand-crafted specialty cocktails in the Victorian! Have you seen it making pitstops around LA?

When I arrived, I decided to take a stroll down the isle of trucks and peek at each and every menu before making a decision. The smells wafting from the trucks were overpowering, making my choice even that much more difficult. After much contemplation, I decided I couldn’t try just one; I had to indulge in two: Thai-Mex Cocina and Heritage LA.

My first stop? Thai-Mex Cocina. Their menu included an array of fabulous dishes, from Chicken Satay Tacos (Thai-Mexican fusion marinaded chicken tacos drizzled with a peanut sauce) to Spicy Garlic Shrimp Tacos (shrimp tacos with garlic and Thai chili), and even Crispy Pork Tacos (pork belly tacos with Thai salsa).

I decided to give the 3 Amigos a try, which is a combination plate of all three options. Wow, was this the perfect choice! All three tacos were incredibly delicious and completely unique in flavor. The shrimp – delicate, yet packed with a punch; the chicken – well balanced with both Thai and Mexican spices; the pork – crispy, savory, and succulent. After enjoying the tacos, I was off to the next truck.

My next stop? Heritage LA. This fresh, healthy, farm to table truck was the perfect choice after the bold-flavored tacos. Their truck offers various delicious bowls and salads all at affordable prices, a few including The Heritage Bowl (grass feed flat iron steak, creamy grains, organic baby greens, farm market veggies, and chimichurri sauce), California Bowl (free range herbed chicken, creamy grains, baby greens, veggies, and romesco sauce), and the Herbed & Spiced Salmon Salad (wild caught salmon over organic baby greens with quinoa, farro, crushed avocado, veggies, pickled red onion, radish, and dill/lemon crema).

I chose the salmon salad, which the chef highly recommended. I also decided to enjoy my meal over a glass of Chardonnay at the Victorian bar patio. The salmon was incredibly fresh and cooked to perfection, and the quinoa and farro added great texture to the dish. Also, the dill/lemon crema melted into the salmon and helped to highlight the delicate flavors of the fish. The Chardonnay, of course, was the perfect complement with its buttery, rich notes.




For those looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, the event also hosted the Churro Stix truck. They offer traditional churros, churros drizzled in chocolate, and churro ice cream sandwiches. They looked and smelled absolutely amazing! I know the age-old phrase is that “there’s always room for dessert;” however, two food trucks later, my food coma was kicking in!

Santa Monica Food Truck Tuesdays is a perfect weeknight out. Bring your friends, bring your dog, and be sure to bring your appetite. It will satisfy any craving!

Click here for the full upcoming schedule. Enjoy!










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