Shiseido puts their newest sun protection to the test at the Malibu Beach House

When I moved my family of alabaster blondes to Los Angeles in January of this year, the first thing I did was set up a sunscreen station in each bathroom so that we would make UV protection part of our daily routine. I carry a bottle in my purse. I have one in the center console of my car. And my daughters know to reapply midway through the school day.

Our second order of business has been to explore everything the west coast has to offer. We ski Big Bear, hike Topanga Canyon, ride the Pacific Park roller coasters, bike the promenade, and bought a house with a pool! Our hair is getting lighter, and with diligence, our skin will not get pink!

And that’s why an invitation to spend the morning at Shiseido’s Malibu beach home where I could test out a new line of sunblock truly spoke to me.  Sure, I’m in for breakfast, yoga, and paddleboarding along the Pacific Coast. But what this mama really wants is easy to apply, waterproof, sweatproof, protection in a bottle that is going to keep up with our active Southern California lifestyle.

The team at Shiseido has delivered.

A sunscreen that does all this and more, its patented “Wetforce” technology is both invisible and invincible. For starters, the stick went right over the makeup on my face; the lotion went on smooth and clear, and nothing rubbed off on the patio furniture or pillows when I sat with my turmeric infused OJ!

Once fueled from breakfast, I grabbed a paddleboard and ran out into the waves where the water actually lifted the sunscreen to a new level of UV protection, allowing me to stay out there for over an hour without having to take anything with me. You read that right. This sunscreen works harder once it gets wet!

Back on land, there was no burning sensation in my eye when I switched to a full-on cardio routine.

Later in the afternoon, the true test came when I put it on my daughters before a pool party. There were no tears of frustration because it glides like silk from the bottle onto your body with minimal effort.   And you know what that means; I was able to lounge with a glass of rose while they jumped in and out of the pool for hours.

Welcome to the life-changing power of Shiseido “Wetforce.”


Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion WetForce SPF 50+

A lightweight SPF 50+ sunscreen in a clear formula that becomes more effective when exposed to water.  Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ $40

Clear Stick UV Protector WetForce SPF 50+

A clear stick sunscreen that works over and under makeup for sun protection on-the-go. Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ $28



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