The Joy of Mustard

On Wednesday, Wexler’s Deli hosted a three-course mustard tasting. That sentence doesn’t really do justice to the event. You’re thinking scoops of mustard served in spoons, right? Some elaboration will help explain why this evening was something of a tastebuds celebration party.

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

Mustard is, for anyone not struggling through undergraduate life, a condiment. It plays a supportive role in any dish. Don’t let that diminish your views on the item, for, as they say, there are no small roles.

Wexler’s Deli understands the importance that ingredients make in composing a sandwich. It’s not simply the sum of its parts, as any delicatessen enthusiast knows, there is a synergy that occurs when components complement each other. And the right mustard in the right amount can make or break a sandwich.

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

Kozlik’s is Canadian mustard. If you weren’t aware, our friendly neighbors to the North produce 90% of the world’s mustard. They also boast its largest and oldest mill. And Kozlik’s is their finest contribution to the global mustard market.

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

I’ve tried most of the animal flesh that is generally deemed fit for human consumption and I’ve sampled every vegetable on this continent and many from a few others. I’m set. But I’m always on the prowl for new varieties of fixin’s. As a people, we’re still unlocking the potential that the condiment holds.

Photo credit: Matt Sayles

While I’ve traditionally considered myself a Francophile on all things mustard, I confess that Kozlik’s has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about the yellow gold. Try it for yourself and if you find your world upside down as a result… blame Canada.

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