Chaya Venice transitions to Chaya Modern Izakaya, forging the old with the new

With a new menu, a new chef team, a new beverage program, and a new interior look, beloved beachside Chaya Venice has successfully transitioned 28 years later to Chaya Modern Izakaya. A stomping ground for many of us within the last ten years – the restaurant and bar continue to buzz with Happy Hour from 5:00 pm til close.

Just a block from the beach on Main Street, discover that same innovative Japanese-Californian cuisine with a modern Izakaya approach. “CHAYA Modern Izakaya bridges the past with the present while allowing CHAYA to move forward into the future pioneering a marriage between Japanese and Western traditions, fresh ingredients, and contemporary culinary techniques,” says Owner and President Yuta Tsunoda.

The new menu consists of dishes meant to be shared. The Kaiseki Chef Counter allows guests to enjoy an up close and personal experience and order a 5-course omakase experience for $65. Often special menu items will appear due to seasonal farmer’s market produce. Ask for specials that may not be on the menu. Still a drinking destination, guests can enjoy handcrafted cocktails, premium spirits, Japanese Whisky (with rare 1 oz tasting pours), an eclectic sake and wine collection, and Japanese and local craft beers.



Far East Side (Sake, tequila, cucumber, lime, shiso) with Highball Cocktail, comprised of Suntory Whisky Toki and club soda with an etched Suntory ice cube.

Spicy Margarita (Tequila, agave, lime, habanero bitters)


Miso soup with chicken stock, tofu, and scallion – Light, healthy, and miso has anti-cancer effects.

Salmon Yuzu Hand Roll – You get to roll your own seaweed.

Hamachi, Smoked Soy, Wasabi Hand Roll

Hamachi, Smoked Soy, Wasabi Hand Roll* – Watch out for that spicy zing up your nose. I wanted ten more rolls with this super fresh sushi.

Yellowtail ceviche with melon – Fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

Yellowtail ceviche with melon


Carmalized Miso Tofu with a beautiful presentation, sweeter with a smoother consistency.

Chrysanthemum Salad prepared with Enoki mushrooms and bacon vinaigrette. The pancetta enhances this healthy salad.

Grilled Peach with burrata, prosciutto, and shishito peppers* – Always the perfect summer combination!

Wagyu Chazuke with rice, dashi tea and shiitake – A fun dish since it comes with a hot water pour over to cook the thinly shaved meat.

Ramen with chicken, tequila, and pork chashu – Who would expect ramen to be on the menu? This lighter version is served here with chicken broth.

Pork Chop Katsu with peanut mole and karashi mustard* – This crispy fried cutlet is a standout dish rolled with Japanese panko breadcrumbs enhanced with zesty sauces.


Bread Pudding warm with ice cream.


A little star next to the dish like * connotates a top favorite dish. Dinner was exceptional and the service was excellent. We started our meal around 5:30 PM before the crowds rolled in. By the time we left, the place was packed! Chaya Modern Izakaya is more than just sushi.

CHAYA Modern Izakaya

110 Navy Street

Venice, CA 90291




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