Celebrate your Furry Friend with LemonBug Jewelry

Are you a dog lover? Are you looking for a gift for a dog lover in your life? Look no further than LemonBug Jewelry’s line for dog lovers. Not only does Lemonbug create sentimental pieces, but they also have a philanthropic mission. Keeping in mind that not all dogs have a place to call home yet, Lemonbug gives a $1 of each purchase to animal rescue organizations.

As a mother of two rescue dogs, I loved the idea of personalized jewelry with a philanthropic focus. Lemonbug has a wide range of beautiful products, which includes sentimental collections, such as their “for mom”, “encouragement and graduation” and “animal lovers” line. Named after the founder’s rescue dog Louie AKA Lou Lou Lemonbug, Gerly Noland knew she wanted to create a brand that would also make a difference. They have bracelets and necklaces that you can customize with your dogs’ names. These high-quality handmade pieces are cut, hand stamped, assembled and polished. Each piece is truly made with love and a lick. Each piece of Lemonbug jewelry goes through a handmade process through love and care: cut + each individual character stamped + assembled + polished.


The company is passionate about making a difference and gives back to many different organizations. Each purchase gives $1 back to animal rescue charities. They are hand stamped and customized with names of loved ones, pet’s name, quotes or messages giving you a meaningful piece that can be worn daily. Currently, they contribute to the following rescue organizations: Ottawa Dogs, H.E.L.P , Barks of Love, Barking Beast, Save the Heartbeat. Lemonbug currently partners with Angels for Paws and Vanderpump Dogs. They are also donating again this year to @pearl.the.poi.puppy Instagram fundraiser. This fundraiser collectively raised over $12,000 last year benefitting 6-8 charities.

My necklace came beautifully packaged with every detailed accounted for. Two rectangular pieces engraved with my dog’s names, Brezel, and Schnitzel, along with a paw print charm create such a beautiful piece that I could wear it every day. When opening the package, I noticed the love and care that the company put into sending me the piece. I immediately felt that not only did I receive a piece of jewelry that would be a staple in my wardrobe, but I also was supporting a business with individuals whose values aligned with my own. I immediately put the necklace on and rounded up my two German Shepherd mixes for an Instagram post.

The wonderful aspect of their jewelry is that every piece can be made based on the wearer’s preference: sterling silver, gold-filled, or rose-gold filled. Even the necklaces have the option to choose the chain length. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with the wearer in mind. Different charms, such as a paw print, dog bone,  or jewel are available to individualized taste. As a consumer, you can easily tell the company values and support rescue organizations, as they have “Rescue Mama” pieces.

Any of their handcrafted pieces would make for a wonderful gift for any dog lover you know. They are made from high-quality materials, handmade, and sentimental. The attention to detail in the beautiful pieces make anyone want to wear them daily. Find more dog lover jewelry on Instagram at #lovemylemonbug. 


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