TOTALEE on the Alley, 90210’s hidden hair salon

Beverly Hills 90210 welcomes a new hair salon to the world-famous zip code called TOTALEE on the Alley. Located behind a hidden private entrance in the back alley on Camden Drive, you’ll find a large metal door without any signage. You are then buzzed into a hallway lined with grey plaster and wooden strips inspired by layers of hair and bangs leading you to the salon door. Oversized iron with black glass panels welcomes you inside the uber private salon that sits only 4 chairs and a full floor to ceiling art installation featuring a famous French beauty.

Lee Rittiner, global renowned hair stylist and brand architect of TOTALEE, greets me at the door. Lee, a former construction worker, even took to the hammer and hard hat to help design and build this space. Born in Virginia, he moved to LA to study the art of hair at the Vidal Sassoon Academy. He began his career working as an assistant at Jonathan Antin and soon found himself styling for Vera Wang, amongst others, during New York Fashion Week and creating hair for the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

After years of working on the tresses of top celebs, Lee developed an understanding of how to cut and style all hair types, for all ethnicities, and in all kinds of environmental conditions. After ‘cocktailing” products to get something”just right”, he realized a market need and developed TOTALEE.

TOTALEE is a simple effective 4-step system to superstar hair with nutrient-rich ingredients and enough superfoods to fill a cart at Whole Foods, while the smell takes you to a beach in Hawaii! Combine that with the Nuplex Technology and Essential Oxygenated Oil to protect, seal, sooth, smooth and hydrate hair from root to tip and support a healthy [PH balanced] scalp — and BAM — you will be Red Carpet Ready any day of the week!

I sat back and enjoyed the sounds of The Weekend as Lee worked his magic cutting into my locks and giving me a gorgeous sleek style of layered soft waves. No chatter and obnoxious phones constantly ringing in the background allowed me to indulge in the private salon experience and truly relax for some ME time. They will be adding valet service in the near future for an added VIP experience. I TOTALEE long for my next visit.

TOTALEE on the Alley

420 N Camden Dr A,

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 850-8503


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