When two of your favorite brands pair up to do something big, it can almost make you forget about government shutdowns and foreign interference in our elections.

Imagine Apple teaming up with Armani, or Titleist partnering with Hennessy—on what, I don’t know—the point is, there’s probably some good synergy there. So, when news broke that Fatburger was joining forces with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, my pulse quickened. The result of this brilliant collaboration is a spicy chicken sandwich.

As someone who experiences genuine cravings for the small miracle that is the spicy chicken sandwich, I felt the urgent need to try this incarnation. In fact, members of the local food press assembled at a Fatburger joint in Santa Monica to sample the new offering.

As you might imagine, the sandwich features the flavors of Buffalo wings in the medium of a Fatburger: shredded lettuce, a touch of mayo, crisped bun. Voila!

Okay, so you may still need the anti-anxiety medication to watch the nightly news. And maybe the looming apocalypse is still on the backburner, but… I don’t know where I’m going with this. Here’s something else though…it’s Valentines Day as I write this, so there’s that.

Fatburger Brentwood, on Wilshire Boulevard. (Photo by Scott Bridges)

Now, I know it’s easy to get cynical on the candy-flower-industrial complex that is Valentines Day, but don’t give up hope; draw inspiration from this beautiful marriage of burger chain and hot sauce. L’amour!

Find Fatburger at the following locations.



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