Chinese Actor Dreams Of Hollywood

Anson Chen has what it takes to make it as an actor in Hollywood:  good looks, a winning smile and deft, creative skills. Fluent in both Mandarin and English, the Chinese model turned actor is the full package – writing scripts to produce, direct and star in. Now more than ever, Chen feels is the time to make his impressive debut into Hollywood movies and television.

“Because I understand both Far East and Western cultures, I bring unique skills to auditions,” he exclusively told Lalascoop. “And with the phenomenal success of films like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Black Panther,’ I think the major studios now understand that audiences are much more ready to accept diverse casts. While I know that the competition for coveted roles is very stiff, I still believe I can make it big in the movie capital of the world.”

Photo credit: Johnny Le

Chen is always thinking about new script ideas, writing them down to turn into web series and movies. “Rather than wait for a good quality audition to come along, I star in my own projects. In this way, I keep practicing my acting and ongoingly improve my screenwriting. I have so many ideas for television and movies, to be produced in America! My mind never shuts off!” The nuanced actor quipped. Chen has co-produced web series, a “Calistyle – car show,” a YouTube reality show (currently in pre-production), as well as “Rap of China,” aired on Iqiyi in China.

Chen is eager to come to the United States and already has co-producers, directors, and casting agents interested in working with him. Also, he has worked with California’s Asian World Film Festival, (AWFF) for two years, acquiring new cinematic projects and networking with filmmakers on behalf of the prestigious nonprofit organization. “The eight-day festival brings the very best Asian films to Hollywood so as to draw more attention to the location’s impressive wealth of filmmakers,” noted Chen, who is the Outreach Liaison for China Relations. “I assist the co-founders by working towards strengthening the ties between the Asian and Hollywood film industries.”

One of the initiatives Chen is coordinating with the AWFF  is setting up a nonprofit foundation, so that young Chinese actors and directors can learn Hollywood filmmaking and acting skills. “I also have a film I will be submitting to the festival that I am starring in, about a guy in the city. I can’t say too much about this because I am in preproduction, but I am truly excited about this!”

Chen has also had success starring in music videos. “Music videos are very intense and compact, you need to show your feeling within a very short period of time to the audience, and it has to be a complete expression, with no dialogue to the audience. This can be challenging, but you need to show the emotion of a song to impress the audience.”

“My Happy Life is Just Right” which Chen starred in, attracted over 600,000 views and “Cannot Get Hurt” got over three million YouTube views. “I had a great time acting with the singers, to help them interpret the songs,” Chen enthused. “Anything that challenges me as an actor is truly wonderful.”

Chen has a strong interest in directing too. “This is what I went to school for… I find directing fascinating because you are able to see each character from a whole other way.” Chen hopes that to find success in Hollywood so he will be able to give back, especially helping the local children in China and Taiwan.

“It’s very important to me to be able to give back,” he acknowledged. “I always want to make a difference in the world, doing philanthropy.”



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