Beauty & Balance Meets Habits & Hustle: An Afternoon with Dennis Rodman

On Sunday, March 10th, Westfield Century City‘s health, wellness, and beauty series, “Beauty & Balance,” featured fitness and productivity influencer Jennifer Cohen treating an audience to the live launch of her brand new podcast “Habits & Hustle” with inaugural special guest and former NBA star – Dennis Rodman.  Loud and proud, sporting bright, yellow, neon nail polish and a tee-shirt designed with his iconic face across the front, Dennis didn’t disappoint!  

Jennifer asked Dennis all about his career, his upbringing, his athletic routines, his past relationships, his relations with President Donald Trump, and, of course, about his unique relationship with Kim Jong-un.  It’s hard to tell which question sparked the most interesting answer…  Dennis had so much to dish!

When asked who he liked best as a girlfriend, between Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra – he unequivocally said Carmen Electra.  And when asked about how his relationship with Madonna came to be, he gave an inside LaLaScoop that made the audience howl.  He recounted that at the time (1994), Madonna’s career was on the decline and she needed to attach herself to the new “it” guy for media attention.  Well, he said that he was that guy, and they connected as a career move crafted to bolster her supposedly waning star power, and to compliment his growing fame.  Through all the very public ups and downs, he said that all of his exes remain his lifelong friends.

When asked about his new side gig as an unofficial liaison with North Korean Supreme Leader, Mr. Kim Jong-un, Dennis spoke of Mr. Jong-un like a good buddy.  He reminisced about the time he first landed in North Korea, and how he was treated like a king.  He said that they do not speak about the hard issues – rather, they focus on fun, lighthearted guy stuff and play basketball games, like Horse, together.  Dennis believes that Mr. Jong-un is a peaceful person at heart, who has inherited the belief system of his predecessors that really does not align with his own.  It was pretty wild to hear Dennis talk about Mr. Jong-un like an old college pal.

When the interview came to a close, VIP guests were treated to complimentary services during a small celebration at Westfield’s Next Health.  Dennis tried their Drip IV Therapy for muscle health.  Other services offered to guests were the LIMITLESS Vitamin Shot, Infrared Therapy and Cryotherapy.

Jennifer Cohen’s “Habits & Hustle” podcast features the habits and rituals of thought leaders, game changers, and entrepreneurs.  It is available on iTunes and Spotify.  Check out Jennifer’s interview with my good friend, matchmaker extraordinaire and relationship expert, Samantha Daniels!


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