The Hollywood Rabbit Hole to WonderWorld

WonderWorld has hit Hollywood!  The vision of Hua Wang, Jie Wang, and Jay Yue of Eastern Horizon Adventures, this interactive experience takes us through Alice’s wonderous world down the rabbit hole!  

I got to hit the grand opening night party on Friday, April 5th, and upon entering the amazing world, I was greeted with a custom cocktail featuring the familiar face of Cheshire Cat!

Guests move through room after room to take Instagram photos and Snaps amid giant mushrooms, streaming lights, larger-than-life tea cups and tea kettles, and even upon a silvery moon!  Influencers were everywhere, and the crowd was having a blast!

Created by NY artists, the immersive exhibition invites you to the realm of fantasy originally located at the historic studio of Andy Warhol. It’s an experience not to miss!  When you go, be sure to tag your photos @WonderWorldSpace with #MyWonder! Tickets are available for April, May, and June.


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