Best Buds are at Sweetflower

Sweet Flower, a cannabis lifestyle brand committed to modernizing the retail customer experience. Headquartered in Culver City, CA, Sweet Flower opened its’ first retail concept on April 8th on Melrose directly across from LA landmarks “The Improv” comedy club and Fred Segal.

Their second location opened on April 15th in Studio City in the space formerly occupied by famed cannabis retailer Perennial.  Forget the old days of waiting in a dingy and slightly creepy waiting room, passing over your ID, and waiting to get called to shop marijuana products. Sweet Flower has revolutionized the way in which Angelenos shop for Marijuana. Sweet Flower focuses on a wide range of THC and CBD products. They elevate the shopping experience by creating a warm and welcoming environment. When you walk in the door, there is a friendly face politely requesting your ID. This process takes only a few minutes, and they immediately find a “florist” that will help you find the right products. Their inventory includes flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

Sweetflower sells their own line of marijuana “flower” that is grown in Cupertino. Their high-quality marijuana is sun-grown and ocean-grown. To create top quality marijuana, they ensure that their plants have access to direct sunlight, and are located close to the ocean. The product comes in beautiful child-proof packaging that ensures retention of moisture and quality.

Along with their own line of product, Sweetflower regularly features representatives from its’ partner brands. The evening of my visit, reps from Mary’s Medicinals, Lowell Herb Co., and Beboe happily educated customers on their product range.

Mary’s Medicinals features a product range focused on healing and wellness. Their deep research is reflective in their products. The range includes balms, creams, patches, tinctures, and gels. For those who are seeking wellness and pain relief, Mary’s Medicinals offers products to target healing, rather than recreational use. They spotlighted their transdermal compound, which can be applied for pain relief and healing purposes. Their impressive compound provided immediate relief to my psoriasis flare-ups. The tingling sensation, cooling relief, and light scent felt like a luxury balm from a high-end brand. It features a 100mg blend of THC and CBD, offers fast-acting, localized pain relief, and utilizes similar transdermal properties as patches and pens, allowing the compound to go deeper beneath the dermis than other traditional topicals.  The product has the potential to offer relief to those suffering from nerve pain, arthritis and joint pain, menstrual cramps, psoriasis, and the relief can last up to 3 hours per dose. Other products on the market tend to have a deep and dank marijuana smell, but Mary’s Medicinals’ products have a light fresh scent without a trace of marijuana. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to use topical THC/CBD products in a discrete way, without having to carry the scent of marijuana on their body.

Lowell Herb Co.’s line offers high-quality flower and pre-rolled joints. The flavor of the marijuana was high quality compared to other pre-rolled joints on the market. The pre-rolls are packed in sets of six, along with matches and striker strips. The innovative packaging set any consumer up for a great time and is conveniently packaged to be smoked at any time. They are the perfect social joint, as they are fun and easy to share amongst friends.

Beboe provides beautifully designed high-end vape and edible products. Their line includes two sizes of vape pens- regular and mini. Both options are fully disposable and are ready to use straight out of the box. The mini vape pen was specifically designed to discreetly fit into the user’s fist.  Beboe is featuring their product at Sweet Flower and has recently been included in Barney’s retail line.

Sweet Flower is a cannabis lifestyle brand committed to modernizing the cannabis customer experience. The hallmarks of the Sweet Flower experience are unparalleled customer service, the highest quality, locally-sourced products, and retail environments distinguished by their design and inviting ambiance.

Sweet Flower

8163 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

11705 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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