9 Things to Do in LA for the Fourth of July

The steamy City of Angels is the perfect place to celebrate our nation’s anniversary. Even though Los Angeles is relatively young, that doesn’t mean its citizens don’t know how to party down on the Fourth of July. Sure, you could have a traditional burger cookout, but there’s so much more to life besides food and beer — although, both of those are awesome.

Hike to the Wisdom Tree.

Whether you take in a Dodger’s game, attend a festive Fourth parade or head to Muscle Beach to pump yourself up before playing beach volleyball, LA promises fun in the sun. The city’s proximity to many theme parks and museums opens new doors to adventure. It doesn’t matter if you take the week off or only one day — with these nine tips, you and the whole squad are sure to have a blast.

1. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Few things are as American as baseball. Take the family or your friends out to the ballgame this Fourth of July. You might pay a bit more for a ballpark frank than you would by making one at home, but what better way to celebrate the Fourth than taking in America’s favorite pastime?

2. Head Out to Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm does more than put on a spectacular fireworks show when the lights go down. During the day, take a ride on its newest coaster, Hang Time, which gives you several seconds to contemplate your fate as you hang stories up, only to plummet. Plus, if the day gets too hot, you can cool down on a water ride.

3. Celebrate with Coca-Cola at Six Flags

Fans of roller coasters and family fun alike will love the celebration Coca-Cola puts on at Six Flags. Spend the day riding the attractions with the kiddos, or grab a brew or two at the beer garden. There’s also a spectacular fireworks show, so take your sweetie — what’s more romantic than sitting atop a coaster with your beau while the light show goes down?

4. Show Off Your Mighty Muscles

Do you like to pump it up bodybuilder style? Why not enroll that sculpted body of yours in the Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach competition? If you’re of a couch spud, you can still enjoy the show of all those hard, oiled bodies taking the stage — and maybe pick up a few fitness tips.

5. Learn About Aviation History at Flight Path Learning Center and Museum

Does your taste in history tend toward the STEM advances humankind has made? Why not check out the Flight Path Learning Center and Aviation Museum? You can learn about aviation history and view artifacts from past wars, too.

6. Spend the Fourth at the Marina

Can’t get enough of the beach after sundown? Watch the fireworks from the beach at Marina Del Rey. If you prefer a more snazzy, water-bound view of the show, you can reserve a spot on a special ship for an elegant dinner and drinks with your beau while the rockets’ red glare lights up the sky. Stay over at the Marina del Rey Hotel and savor outstanding cuisine outdoors.

7. Do Crafts with Cannabis

California legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, so why not get your imaginative groove on with a crafts and cannabis class? Many people swear by it to enhance their creativity. Who knows? With a little herbal help, you may become the next Frida Kahlo!

8. Do Some Celebratory Yoga

Are you woke AF? Why not celebrate the birth of our nation with a special yoga class with Guru Singh at Yoga West LA? It focuses on moves and guided meditation intended to help you experience true inner freedom. Embrace our nation’s multicultural heritage while building independence from fear and doubt!

9. Celebrate on the Historic and Haunted Queen Mary

The historic Queen Mary is doing up Fourth of July right this year with a fun-filled day of family arts and crafts activities, learning fun and, of course, a fireworks celebration. During the day, check out the adjacent aquarium to experience the marvels of our aquatic kin. When the sun goes down, stay for a haunted tour. Who knows? You may see a ghost from America’s past.

Celebrate Fourth of July in the City of Angels

Los Angeles offers a host of fun activities any time of year, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Whether you’re celebrating with family or getting the crew together to party, you can’t go wrong with the activities above.


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