What to do for Fun in LA when it rains

The old song fibbed — sometimes, it does rain in southern California. When you can’t head to the beach to tan, what do you do for fun? Only whatever you want!

The City of Angels offers a plethora of fun things to do. Whether you want to get scientific or explore your creative side, you’ll find plenty to do and see regardless of the weather. When the rain sprinkles and shuts down freeway traffic, grab your raincoat and check out these sights!

1. California Science Center and IMAX Movie

Are you an Einstein in the rough? You can control a Mars rover or view the world’s largest display of Lego structures at the California Science Center and IMAX movie theater.

The center features exhibits showcasing everything from native fauna to humankind’s exploration of space. The center is accessible for everyone regardless of physical ability. You can buy tickets in advance online or become a member to enjoy special discounts.

2. Pamper Yourself at the Ritz Carlton Spa

Who doesn’t need a little TLC on occasion? Even if you’re not preparing to walk the red carpet, you can get a star-studded glow at the Ritz Carlton spa. Treat your special someone to a relaxing couples massage. You can also go solo — or with the girls — for a champagne and shimmer body treatment.

3. Get Creative at Bitter Root Pottery

Have you always dreamed of sculpting beautiful works of art? Head to one of Bitter Root Pottery’s several L.A. locations to take a pottery class. If you’re a proud parent who recently gave birth, you can get a mold made of your infant’s tootsies. You can also hit the wheel and learn how to create a new piece to adorn your mantel.

Are you in charge of team-building activities at your office? Bitter Root offers private events for organizations.

4. Workout with Indoor Roller Skating

Part of positive self-care means taking care of your body with good food and exercise. But you don’t have to sweat it up on a treadmill. Why not get in a fun-packed workout at World on Wheels? Even a leisurely 30-minute skate burns calories and works your legs and core. The best part? You can cool down with a little retail therapy afterward as the venue resides in the Midtown Shopping Center.

5. Bowl a Few Rounds at Highland Park

What’s more fun than going bowling? Kicking back on a comfortable couch instead of a hard plastic chair in between rounds, that’s what. You can do this and more at Highland Park Bowl, located in a Prohibition-era building.

Forget the boring beer and soft pretzels, too. The venue offers a full menu of food and drinks. They also book live music on occasion, so check out the upcoming shows.

6. Take a Studio Tour at Universal

When in Hollywood, why not find out how they make movie magic happen? You can take a full Universal Studios tour. Learn how films like “The Fast and the Furious” came to the big screen, and come face to face with Peter Jackson’s 3D King Kong creation. “Tonight Show” star Jimmy Fallon narrates the guided tour.

7. Reach New Heights at L.A. Boulders

Rock climbing provides a terrific full-body workout. It strengthens your arms and gives you a feeling of confidence that you can overcome obstacles. Reach new heights at L.A. Boulders, where they feature 17-foot climbing walls of various difficulty. They also offer a variety of fitness classes.

8. Get Dinner and a Movie in One

If you think going to the movies meant eating salty, buttery popcorn and sugary soda, think again. Several theaters in L.A. offer table-side meal service while you enjoy the show. You can catch the latest blockbuster in style and comfort in a reclining seat and even order a cocktail or a glass of wine with your dinner.

9. Curl up with a Good Book at the Public Library

What can you do if the weather is stormy, but your wallet is empty? Head to the Los Angeles Public Library, or a library near you where you can curl up with a good book. That isn’t all you can do. You can sign up to take a class and learn more about computers. Alternately, you can rent a game console and enjoy a day playing “Mario Kart” with your kids.

The City of Angels Is a Blast Rain or Shine

Even when the weather changes course, L.A. offers an endless array of fun indoors too. Grab your once-a-year umbrella and head on out!


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