Los Angeles Holiday Gift Guide Inspiration 2019

Always inspired and fascinated by living in LA, we have whipped up a list of some of our favorite discoveries this year in LALA Land. Here’s the LaLaScoop! We discovered most of these products in LA – so stuff your beloveds’ stockings this year with something your favorite human will love.

Imperia Caviar

Imported to LA from Russia with love, why not give your friend who has everything the gift of sustainably sourced caviar, so they can smother it on their breakfast bagel or spoon the briny salty goodness right out of the tin. The delicious pearls can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and also be gifted regularly via TheCaviarClub.com. Choose from Kaluga Hybrid and Royal Ossetra.

Pizza Girl sauce

D’Amores Pizza is an LA household name so are you surprised Caroline D’Amore aka Pizza Girl has created her own line of organic pasta sauce in flavors like Vodka, Marinara, and Puttanesca? No added sugar, very little sodium, and the fact you can read and understand every single ingredient makes Pizza Girl sauce a win for pasta, pizza, and anywhere you want to throw sauce. Order on Amazon or find recipes and sauces at PizzaGirl.com or at all D’Amores locations and numerous stores like Whole Foods Markets, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s Markets, Vicente Foods, and many more.

Photo credit: Richard Swaiden

Eating Clean by Amie Valpone

This inspirational best-selling book Eating Clean showcasing the author’s saga with illness and how she cured herself through whole foods. Inspire your giftee to change some of their habits that ultimately could lead to a healthier and happier life. For the friend who needs a reset or could use a pep talk with better choices, the 21-Day Plan in the book sets out a course to help detox, fight inflammation, and reset your body. Be gone brain fog, stomach bloat, acne, low energy, weight gain!!!

Wildest natural deodorant and toothpaste

For the friend who cares about the ingredients they put in or on their bodies and can’t imagine using anything that is not natural, turn him or her on to a new au natural brand with adorable colored packaging – Wildest. The Aluminum-free Tangellow smooth gliding deoderant smells like tangerine wintergreen and is made with hops and tapioca starch.

Wildest also has some fun gentle natural toothpaste flavors like Brilliment with mint and white tea, Soothinger with turmeric and ginger, and Dreamomile with activated charcoal and chamomile.

Alister for Men

This musky clean scent from party boy Dan Bilzerian comes with Pheroboost, a proprietary blend of plant-based pheromones to increase your attraction factor. Would you expect anything less from the Playboy himself? Choose from massage oil, cologne, body wash, lotion, deodorant, and hair care products. Help the men in your life by boosting their allure with this long-lasting manly aroma.

Teressa Foglia custom hat gift certificate

In Brooklyn or Malibu, find Teressa Foglia’s heavenly store of hats or create a ready to ship design of your own online to send to someone you love. Give the gift of designing your own hat style at a later date too, whether that is adding feathers, vintage silks, burning designs, or sewn crystals as adornment. What a fun gift to give someone the opportunity to personalize their own chapeau. Pricey, but worth it, and the hat will last forever. Think of it as a heirloom that can be passed down.

Laguna Beach cabana towels, Turkish towels, and blankets

For your beach-loving, concert-going, and picnic adoring friend, give the gift of a luxury long-lasting beach towel or blanket. The Cabana Towel from Laguna Beach Textile Company is large, thick, and plush and comes in fun California classic beach stripes. Turkish towels add elegance and flair to any beach day outing and who wouldn’t adore their round beach towels and yoga mat towels too?


Starling stackable rings or Heirloom Revival jewelry piece

Based in LA, Starling can create anything you like for your loved one, without the traditional markup. Stackable rings in every stone, dainty earrings, unique custom made nameplate necklaces are all ways to celebrate your loved one this season.

For a sentimental gift, consider a gift certificate or paying for a Heirloom Revival. Starling Jewelry lets customers recreate fine jewelry you already own into new pieces you love and will actually wear. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend inherited diamond or emerald earrings from a grandmother and you want to help turn that sentimental piece into something she can wear every day. A design consultation allows you to work with your price.

Momofuku seasoned salts

Ever watch David Chang in action on the The Chef Show with Roy Choi and John Favreau or on an episode of his Netflix hit Ugly Delicious? You will soon learn how important it is to cook with salt.  His empire of restaurants and media has branched to bringing salts to the people. For your chef foodie loving friend who wants to whip up some new dishes in the New Year, they will appreciate this umami rich magic in varieties like Spicy, Savory, and Tingly.

Wildsam field guide – Los Angeles

American field guides take you deep into a place – allowing you to feel the personality of a city. For your friend or parent coming to visit you in LALALand, turn them on to this pocket guide series filled with prose, personal interviews, archival research, essays and hand-drawn maps. For your travel loving friend, give them a hip spin on their next trip to LA.












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