7 of the Best Places for Photo Shoots in LA

Are you looking to take some shots that will leave the folks back home drooling about your vacation? Perhaps you merely want to showcase the spectacular beauty of the city you call home. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, the City of Angels offers a world of scenic opportunity for memorable photographs.


Where are the best places to go, and when are the best times to get there? It all depends on whether you want a nature scene or more of an urban vibe. LA offers both worlds, and so much more. Check out these destinations.

1. Bronson Caves, Griffith Park 

Who doesn’t want a photoshoot in one of Hollywood’s favorite filming locations — the real-life Bat-cave? The cave consists of a 50-foot long tunnel that the Brush Canyon Quarry excavated. You’ll need to take a brief hike to reach the destination, but that’s part of the charm. Your windswept hair will look fabulous framed by the walls — you decide if you want to don a cape.

2. The Hollywood Sign 

What’s more iconic than the famous Hollywood sign? There are plenty of places to get good shots with the Hollywood sign in the background. You can research where to go our get creative and find your own unique spot to capture this legendary LA icon!

3. Huntington Gardens 

You could learn something new as well as explore your photographic talent at Huntington Gardens. The grounds serve as home to 16 unique themed gardens, as well as an extensive museum. If you have little ones in tow, the Children’s Garden offers a dreamy backdrop for holiday card and newsletter photos.

While there, explore the collections of American and European art. Be aware that you may not be permitted to photograph every exhibit. The center offers a variety of learning programs, so if you have an afternoon to spare and a thirst for knowledge, get enrolled.

4. El Matador Beach 

There are few sights more stunning than the rock formations along El Matador Beach, one of Malibu’s many Instagram worthy locations often used for film shoots and modeling backdrops. Make a pitstop at the Malibu Pier before making your way down the coast to El Matador. Be careful hiking down the rugged steep slope steps to this natural California beauty with stunning rocks to pose in and around. In recent years, the beach has become a nonstop photoshoot jamboree so find your spot before you have to crop out a ton of other posers.

5. The Old LA Zoo 

Are you looking for the perfect album cover for your band’s latest hits? Why not head out to the now-abandoned Old LA Zoo for backdrops you won’t find anywhere else? You can walk inside the former large animal exhibits — rocking in a lion’s den, anyone?

You’ll find some beautifully designed graffiti on some of the small animal exhibit walls that lend a hefty urban vibe to shots. There’s even a picnic area with benches if you want to make a day of exploring this treasure.

6. Santa Monica Pier 

Probably one of the best-known locations for shoots in LA, the Santa Monica pier uses the ocean as a backdrop. However, you’ll also find a vibrant arts and dining community to explore. You can enjoy the freshest crab and lobster around at eateries like The Albright, and tour gallery after gallery of sculptures and other creations while snapping shots on the iconic amusement park rides.

7. The Queen Mary Cruise Ship 

Why not end your day of photography on a “spooktacular” note? Head to the Queen Mary cruise ship, where you can snap pics with a nautical vibe. You can take a tour to learn about the haunted history of this famous vessel. Who knows? Maybe you’ll capture some orbs in your pictures.

Make Your LA Photo Shoot Sparkle at These Locations 

You can find tons of spots in LA for memorable photographs – beyond art murals on Melrose and street art wings and Instagram walls  Delight the ones you love with homemade postcards from these seven top destinations.


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