Taiwanese Haircare brand SH-RD releases a Gold Deluxe Leave-in Protein Cream

SH-RD, the fantastic Taiwanese haircare brand, just released SH-RD Protein Cream: Gold Deluxe Edition, a luxurious new leave-in treatment that combines gold leaf and deep-sea water sourced from the China Sea, to provide essential nutrients to the hair and scalp.

So if you’re getting ready to Skype with that special someone and want your hair to look shiny and sleek, this hair product is perfect for you!  The impressive formulated Silk Protein Complex smooths and seals the cuticle while locking in hydration and strengthening the hair. Best of all, SH-RD provides UV Protection/Heat Protection/Chlorine Damage Protection, so you can hang outside or in the pool!

The brand prides itself on its products being “Made in Taiwan.” The beautiful country is an agriculturally rich nation; many of their beauty products incorporate fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are grown there. Taiwan has also long been the purveyor in beauty manufacturing.

Celebrity hair salon stylists like Ken Paves and Kim Vo love the product! Anna Paquin, Adrienne Bailon, Christine Lakin, Angela Amezcua, and Diana Madison are fans too.

With ingredients like rosemary and hydrolyzed wheat protein, the SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Shampoo ($35) is definitely great to check out too, as it will clean your hair gently. Also, the SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner helps make hair oh-so manageable and silky to the touch! For dry or itchy scalp, the Scalp Essence line provides soothing formulas to help nourish the scalp.

Purchase or learn more online. 

Find SH-RD on Instagram at @shrd_us



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