8 Ways You Can Support Local California Businesses from the Comfort of Your Home

You hear on the news repeatedly that everyone is in this together. You might wonder what you can do to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic. One superb idea is to support local businesses.

It’s never been more vital to show some love to the folks who keep the world fed and stocked with unique products. These California companies are doing their part to keep people supplied — so support them in turn with your patronage.

1. Order Takeout from Elephante, The Kassi Club, Little Ruby….any restaurant

Local restaurants have taken the hardest hit, with many shuttering their doors entirely. Some, however, are going above and beyond to make sure people can obtain the essential supplies they need — like food. The Kassi Club, Elephante and Little Ruby are offering select menu items for takeout. Elephante has pantry and produce boxes too. Try calling the restaurant first and ordering from them if you can pick up your food rather than food apps who often take a percentage.

Photo credit: Elephante

Most establishments are offering alcohol, including beer, wine, spirits and premade cocktails. Even date night boxes and farm boxes are a big hit during these uncertain times. Who couldn’t use a little adult relaxation right now? And is your cupboard running a bit bare? You can also pick up a fresh produce or pantry box at any of these locations to restock. Republique is offering pastry and pantry boxes to-go along with many making a transition to feed the people in new ways. See our list of Malibu options for delivery and takeout.

2. Do Yoga online

It’s essential to continue to get your exercise — especially during a pandemic. Exercise boosts your mental and physical health in a variety of ways, including increased respiratory function, which is crucial to fighting coronavirus. You can’t visit your favorite studio, but you can do an online yoga class with Natalie to stretch and tone your muscles at home. While you can access it for free, a donation of $15 is a fabulous way to show your appreciation. She also offers online essential oil classes and an eBook that you can order to lend additional support. Other yoga classes can be found on the ClassPass app, Instagram Live, and livestreamed classes with Hollywood’s Daniel Overberger/Black Market Yoga.  I know donations or tips are always appreciated.

3. Purify Your Indoor Air with Azuna

You’ve probably never spent as much time at home as you are right now. The quality of your indoor air significantly impacts your ability to fight infection, which is something you need more than ever. Azuna gel uses tea tree oil to clean microbes and other nasties safely and naturally from your air ducts, basement, bathrooms and more. Each purchase also plants a tree through Global Green USA. Other ways to relax at home include diffusing one of the relaxing essential oils from Saje Wellness.

4. Score Some Deals at Bodega

When the quarantine ends, you want to greet the world anew with style. Why not do some online shopping at Bodega, where you can score free shipping on any orders over $100? Stock up on stylish athletic gear so that when the gyms reopen, you can hit the weight stack in style. Boxed.com also offers many household items discounted in bulk with free samples.

5. Meet and Craft with People Online at Makers Mess

Now is the ideal time to embrace a new hobby. Why not make some new friends and create unique crafts with Makers Mess? They will ship you and your friends a Makers Kit with all the tools you need to design your creation. Then, log in to an online workshop with the crew and let your imagination run wild.


6. Enjoy a Morning (or Evening) Doughnut

As the slogan goes, America runs on Dunkin’. California locations are going above and beyond to help during the pandemic. You can get free delivery through GrubHub, but that isn’t all. You can also score a DIY decorating kit to make original doughnuts at home. Dunkin’ also donates baked goods and coffee to L.A.-area hospitals and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

You can also order donuts from SK Donuts near the Grove on W. 3rd St for pickup or Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts at the Original Farmer’s Market for takeout.

7. Direct the First Responder You Love to Free Food

Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air offered meals and care packages to-go for first responders and those in the hospitality industry in March along with a donation of 400 salads to the L.A. Children’s Hospital. It’s critical for everyone, but especially emergency personnel, to get their energy during this time. Check out this list by Thrillist showcasing everywhere healthcare workers can eat for free right now. 

8. Get an Online Skincare Consultation from The Things We Do or Arcona

Dry indoor air can make your skin look a mess! However, you can keep that dewy freshness during this time with a free online skincare consultation from The Things We Do. Better yet, you can score 15% off all the products you need to keep yourself glowing, even in confinement. Our beloved Los Angeles skincare line Arcona known for cold processing and small batches is also offering virtual consulations at no charge and 20% off anything you decide to buy during your consult. 

Supporting Local California Businesses During Uncertain Times

Now is the time for everyone to come together. Do your part by supporting local California businesses — right from your couch!


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