Upgrade your outdoor space for a summer (in lockdown)

With our safer at home restrictions just extended indefinitely in Los Angeles, now more than ever, it will be important to think about creating your own summer oasis to stay sane and fulfilled.

We reached out to a few local experts to find out how to upgrade our outdoor space for the warmer days ahead.

Jordan Goodman, the CEO of Aquaview, the leader in glass pool fencing and glass railings, suggests upgrading your pool area and backyard space to elevate both the design aesthetic and water safety features. With May being National Pool Safety Month, and the home pool being the most coveted asset of Summer 2020, there’s not a better time to consider this upgrade!

“Parents are looking to help ensure their children’s safety any way they can, especially now. Our custom glass pool fences can make the swimming season safer with an attractive enhancement for homes and multi-family properties.”

Glass fences have been growing quickly in popularity because they offer the aesthetic, durability, and low-maintenance that property owners are looking for. It has become a trend for residential properties with more homeowners realizing this is an affordable option each year. The glass panels are custom cut for every job and can be cut into any size and shape, allowing them to be configured to fit any layout!

Local real estate agent, Yawar Charlie, best known as celeb realtor for CNBC’s “Listing Impossible” also weighed in on the importance of maximizing your outdoor space right now with a pool being the top value add, with an outdoor gym a close second!

“The most valuable commodity a home has right now is the outdoor space. Having a pool offers a refuge from the stress and the confinement of the home. Another area of collateral damage during this pandemic has been the closure of the gym. Without a regular place for people to engage in physical exercise, a lot of people are going back to their roots and spending time outside. Patio and backyard workouts are at an all-time high. I’m seeing more and more people create an outdoor gym because it achieves two things, sheltering in place and physical fitness.”

Photo credit: http://www.garage-gyms.com

An outdoor gym can be as simple as yoga mats, balance balls, and free weights for a smaller area or a full set up of machinery for those with larger outdoor spaces.

Lastly, Raf Howery, CEO of Kukun, a platform for home remodeling and renovation pointed out that while a full renovation of your outdoor space may not be possible during lockdown, there are still simple ways to create an oasis by doing it yourself and keeping to a budget.

He suggests, “To help relax, you may consider purchasing a quiet water fountain or planting fragrant flowers where you can sit in the evening and enjoy your meals outdoors. You can also redecorate by adding red mulch for a warmer feel or spray painting (metal or wood) patio furniture with rich modern tones such as orange, purple, red or yellow.  If you have wicker furniture, use wild cushion colors to brighten things up! Consider ordering a ping pong table, basketball hoop or backgammon set if you have kids so you can play and laugh together.

We also recommend taking advantage of the local parks and beaches which are now open for physical activities like surfing, hiking, and walks. Getting outdoors is a natural energy boost and can improve your mood during these difficult times!


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