Kiki on the River – memorable Mediterranean in Miami

Since our Miami food article on Lonely Planet was put on hold by the pandemic, we wanted to share a restaurant we will never forget – Kiki on the River. Due to its open-air location on the river and dramatic glowing setting at night, Kiki on the River in Miami makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Greece or the Mediterranean.

While you might not find a Mykonos party atmosphere with DJ vibes and dancing on tables during these pandemic times,  a “socially distance” dinner is still possible. Savor this romantic chic environment built at the site of one of Miami’s original fish markets.

When we visited in February of 2020, yachts pulled up at this glamorous restaurant dock on the river. The mesmerizing glam décor might make one apprehensive of the food quality but all our misconceptions were soon challenged with a sensational Mediterranean dinner.

Kiki on the River is the kind of place to impress a date – from white swings, ceilings dripping with roses, heart-shaped flower walls, and glittery chandeliers. The ambiance is enhanced with dimly lit glow of purple and pink and white twinkle wrapped tree lights. Everywhere you look feels like a romantic garden.

Begin your revelry with cocktails like the KIKI Spicy Mule with mango habanero and ginger beer and KIKI Do You Love Me with Grey Goose La Poire and fresh pear puree.

Time-honored Greek favorites are made from scratch in-house. For a celebratory extravaganza, share grilled octopus, tomato salad topped with blocks of feta, Greek orzo salad, salmon sashimi, and Saganaki cheese on fire – just like Greece!

Split a bottle of Santorini wine while the whole salt-casked Lavraki fish (Mediterranean seabass) is prepared flaming tableside.

Although a night here is a pricey endeavor, you won’t forget dinner here on the Miami River – just make sure they don’t try to upsell you.

On Sundays the packed house once included revelers dancing on tables most likely screaming “OPA!!” or “Kiki, do you love me?” But for now, savor a quiet intimate dinner and for just one night, forget you’re alive during a raging pandemic.

















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