Gastro Garage’s flaming culinary experience brings joy during uncertain times

Gastro Garage has been wearing masks and gloves since 2014. It is an unexpected evening to be seated outside on the rooftop of the W Hotel Hollywood after being thermometer checked in a mask at the hotel lobby door. In tumultuous times comes rare glimmers of sunshine. These really may be the worst of times (at least in my life) and this 8-course meal (including a cocktail and a shot) might just be the night you need.

And while on a recent outing with friends, two of them paid for their dinner with their unemployment cards so keeping with the “I may not live forever” times, you may want to splurge for this $100 affair of blow torch fun. While the gimmicks of watching your food torched is hilariously fun entertainment, the promise of the evening is that the food is excellent. Molecular gastronomy of sorts – some of the evening’s highlights include torched maple glazed carrots on drill bits that taste too good with foam dip. “Eeew carrots” will soon be changed to “Oh My God, carrots!” Fresh sous-vide salmon is also presented on a drill bit skewer and scorched before your very eyes and soon melting in your mouth flavorful complete dipped in another foam essence sauce.

To makes guests feel comfortable, tables of 2 and 4 are broken into 3 stations. We spent our last station in a cabana dancing like it was 2010 when we frolicked at this very hotel poolside in a bikini. But this time dancing with my girlfriend felt freeing – like letting the wiggles out from the last 8 months is a much-needed health remedy along with shaking off the calories from Gastro Garage’s famous injected brioche doughnuts. One doughnut oozed like a melting peanut butter cup with one bite.

Besides the salmon and tender marinated Japanese short ribs, other star courses included the deconstructed pizza mouth explosion and the Cubano. The founder/owner is an actor who had worked at Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in L.A. and witnessed the insane creations of Chef Jose Andres that made people go wild. He was so inspired that his ideas for Gastro Garage were born through seeing the joy and memories people made through food experiences.

Tickets are available now till the end of November on weekends for 7:00 and 8:30 PM. Learn more at The Gastro Garage, on Instagram at @thegastrogarage, or purchase tickets to this unique pop-up entitled Torched –

Refuel your spirit and experience a culinary night out that will gave you a sense of optimism for the world.

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