Pandemic fashion – a stylish hat from Heron and Pine

The pandemic has most of us in LA living in sweats, only leaving the house to grab takeout. But on the chance you want to spruce things up a bit, like say when you go to the grocery store, a hat is one of your only stylish options. 

Pair with jeans, a long skirt, or even sweats, a Heron and Pine hat made from 100% Australian wool is an easy way to make a fashion statement and not have to worry about your unwashed hair or long-forgotten roots (thanks to no salons being open).

Heron and Pine hat

Heron and Pine high-quality hats are designed in LA with simplicity and sophistication. My favorite feature is that they can be made snugger easily by tightening the strap under the band or by adding their foam sitting tape inside (which comes with your hat). Not sure which size you are? Check out their Sizing section online before ordering. 

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

The designer Jacquie was born and raised in LA. Inspired by the women around her, like her grandmother who recently passed, she realized there is no time like the present to follow her dreams. The brand’s name Heron and Pine was inspired by her grandmother who had a picture of herons and pine trees in her home. Heron symbolizes ‘path’ or ‘way’ as Jacquie’s hat brand looks to give a boost of confidence to women forging their own paths. 

New styles are coming soon but check out my black hat, The Mick, the camel colored Chloe, and The Rae, white with beige Ribbon. 

Feel confident and fun during these unsettling times sporting a gorgeous Heron and Pine hat. We can’t wait to see Heron and Pine’s hat styles bloom.

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