The Best Card Rooms in LA

Card rooms are very popular in Los Angeles County. This is mainly because California has very specific rules about what’s allowed in terms of gaming. This includes Native American casinos in reservations, the state’s lottery, certain sports betting, and card rooms. Since there are no Native American reservations within LA, card rooms have become the primary entertainment for many gamblers. So, let’s check out some of the best card rooms that LA County has to offer.

Commerce Casino

Located in the city of Commerce, this place is home to the LA Poker Classic, the county’s longest-running professional poker series. The Commerce Casino complex has also hosted the likes of the LA Poker Open, the California State Poker Championship, and the Commerce Hold‘em Series. Not surprisingly, this is also where you’ll find literally the largest card room in the world. With its 240-table capacity, this particular room has served as the site for the main events of many tournaments. In short, Commerce Casino is the place to be if you want to rub elbows with some of the best card players in the country.

Hustler Casino

Owned by the iconic Larry Flynt, this Inglewood establishment has a retro Vegas feel that serves a rather unique atmosphere compared to the rest of LA. While the casino is pretty sizeable, it only has 50 dedicated poker tables and 30 more for other card games. Despite this fact, Hustler is reportedly one of Flynt’s most profitable businesses. In short, visit this place if you’re looking for fellow high rollers.

Hollywood Park Casino

With over 120 gaming tables on-site, Hollywood Park Casino is easily one of Inglewood’s hottest spots. Formerly part of the Hollywood Park Racetrack, the card room has since moved to a more modern spot. In fact, Hollywood Park Casino is not just one of the biggest card rooms that LA has to offer. It’s also the place to go to if you’re looking for a contemporary or modern atmosphere. Furthermore, apart from the availability of table drinks which you can expect in virtually any LA poker room, Hollywood Park also offers side table dining for the most persistent players.

These are just some of the key card rooms that have defined the LA gambling scene over the years. All things considered, it’s certainly a different scene from international gaming hubs like Las Vegas or Macau. Thanks to their highly liberal gambling rules, Gala Spins notes how the biggest casino jackpots in the world have happened in these cities. Indeed, it’s not unusual for Vegas or Macau casinos to reward players with multi-million jackpots from time to time through progressive slots and other games. This certainly can’t be said for the card rooms of LA, in which instead of progressive slots, your fate depends on how good you are at the tables.

This is also what gives LA card rooms their intensity. Compared to the card rooms in Las Vegas and Macau where there are tons of other gaming options, LA’s card rooms are unique in the county. And if you want to experience this intensity for yourself, feel free to check out any of these aforementioned establishments.


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