10 Drinks to Get Excited about this Summer 2021

Summer is the time to sample some new thirst-quenchers – for hydration, spicy zest, or a tasty buzz. Try some of our new delicious discoveries at home or serve them at your next party.

10 Drinks to Get Excited about this Summer 2021


This fermented beverage of Mexico is DEEElicious – rich in vitamin C and D! Fermented from pineapple rinds and often served in plastic bags in Mexico, this probiotic is blended with aromatics and spices. The Original flavor is Ginger Manzana, but all of the flavors have a nice quenching zesty kick. Taste Picante (Mango Chili), Traditional (Pineapple Spice), and Moderno (Orange Turmeric) full of flavor and health benefits. Certified organic and less than 40 calories with only 7 grams of sugar, “The-pa-chay” is a game-changer for Americans looking for something new.

Find at local Southern California Whole Foods. 

Cacao Water

This refreshing drink brings me back to Costa Rica when we sucked the sour white pulp surrounding the cacao beans. Well, this Cacao Water beverage uses the water from the white pulp, often wasted or tossed. My favorite flavor was the Cascara Coffee & Cinnamon infused Cacao Water, which also reminded me of Costa Rica where many years ago I was introduced to cinnamon water in the rainforest. Other Cacao Water options include Just Cacao and Chili Lime Cardamom with a nice spicy kick.

Find the 3 new varieties at Whole Foods in Southern California.

Recover 180

This hydration drink tastes like jello in flavors like Blood Orange, Acai Berry, and Citrus, but has three times the electrolytes, 1/2 the sugar, and 1/3 of the calories in each 16-ounce bottle than similar leading sports drinks. RECOVER is fuel for any level of play but what sets it apart is its isotonic formula of salt and sugar plus clinically proven premium herbal extracts and essential vitamins to aid with rapid rehydration and relief. A 12-pack retails for $32.99 and can be delivered to your door from Amazon and select retailers nationwide.

Cask and Kettle Hot Cocktails (or over iced water)

Hot or cold coffee cocktails in a cinch! Add the pod to your Keurig that contains liquid or pour hot or cold water in a mug, peal back the pod, and stir. Don with creamer, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and more. The decaf coffee pods come with booze in flavors like Irish Coffee, Mint Patty, Mexican Coffee, and Hot Blond Coffee. 

Women owned, the pods are made with 100% recyclable material and the booze (60 proof, 75 proof) is distilled in Temperance, Michigan. Live your best life with an at-home spiked hot or cold coffee ready in seconds. 

Frey Ranch Whiskey

A bourbon with notes of caramel and butterscotch, but not too sweet, may easily convert you to love this Fallon, Nevada spirit. Frey Ranch’s true farm distillery near Lake Tahoe grows, matures, distills, and bottles whiskey on site. The gorgeous bottle with a bronze metal cork topper comes even comes with an inscription on the bottle and bottom. Buy it here.

Make the Gold Rush with this fine whiskey including honey syrup, bitters, and lemon. Pairs well with Dorinda’s Chocolates or crackers dipped in Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe jam.   


Pamos tastes too incredible – touting a new flavor with an infused blend of mandarin, black current, lime, and aromatic bitters. First-time users should sip responsibly (perhaps just a shot glass or less) since Pamos is THC and CBD infused and after a small amount, a big buzz could kick in. The taste alone makes it easy to guzzle this concoction, so sip sensibly or try a small amount in a cocktail. No hangovers the next day is a plus.

Available in two strengths (microdose 2 mg or low dose 6 mg), the 750 ml bottle should be measured by the shot so you can enjoy it on the rocks or in cannabis cocktails. Check out some great cannabis cocktail ideas here.

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Our Los Angeles Vodka

Distilled in the Arts District of Downtown LA, this special “Live through Love” label was designed by artist Ruben Rojas who also creates street murals. This is the perfect small-batch vodka to sip neat since the slight botanical notes followed by a subtle sweetness ends in an incredibly smooth finish. Our Los Angeles offers tastings and tours too. Try one of these fine cocktail medleys celebrating Los Angeles.

Canned Cocktails from Lanea

A 4-pack or 12-pack can be delivered straight to your door. Order a cocktail package or pick up some of their extraordinary canned cocktails ready for the beach or wherever you are. Try Watermelon Sugar High (Bacardi Rum, Strega, Watermelon Juice, Fresh Lime), a Paloma (JAJA Tequila, Grapefruit Tonic, Aperol), or the PCH aka Picante Coast Highway with Nosotros Blanco, passionfruit, ginger, habanero honey, and citrus. Lanea serves tacos and nachos too but you may not be able to get over how amazing these cocktails are ready-to-go in a can.

Golden Road Brewing in Mango Cart, Spicy Mango Cart, and Melon Cart

A wheat beer inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles. Golden Road Brewing Mango Cart is a light beer that pairs well with summer bursting with fresh, bright mango flavor and aroma with a crisp finish. Try the spicy version or Melon Cart beer with freshly cut melon essence of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe flavors. A refreshing beer that tastes like the California sun right in your hand!


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