Keep summer strong with these sunny products

Summa summa time! Keep the summer vibes going all yearlong with some of these alluring new products perfect for your summer escapades. 

Seaside Collection from IsabelleGrace

Show off your beachy personality and style with jewelry that reflects summer like the handcrafted Boho Wood Bracelet set or the Gold Cowrie Shell Bracelet. Add color to your bracelet stack with a gold Color Pop Puka Shell Bracelet. 

ChalkfullofLove Rainbow Glasses 

Decorate your summer table with cheery rainbow glasses filled with lemonade or margaritas. Sold as a set of two and 16 ounces each, this cute glassware will only bring smiles. 

Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea

What’s not to love about a hard tea seltzer made with botanicals, loose leaf tea, and fruit? The sexy can feels slick and makes it easy to pack a few in your beach bag. It’s hard to believe there is alcohol inside with five flavors like White Tea, Raspberry, and watermelon.

Shiseido Urban Environment Sunscreen for the Face 

No one wants to age prematurely and get wrinkles. Protect your skin daily with this light oil-free sunscreen SPF 42 perfect for daily use as it absorbs quickly with no white sheen. This product is great for oily skin and should be required for all summer outings. 

Lindsay Albanese TOPTOTE Hat Clip

Don’t want to wear your cute hat on the plane or inside a restaurant? No problem. Instead of placing it on the ground or getting it crunched in an overhead compartment, this heavy-duty hat clip allows you to hang your hat from your bag or luggage – and free up your hands. Living that jet-set life on a yacht? Clip your hat to your bag so it won’t blow away. We adore The Fray with its beachy frayed raffia vibes and the white hat clip below.

Lindsay Albanese TOPTOTE Hat Clip. (Photo credit:

Modzori Reversible Shoes

No one wants to spend summer in an uncomfortable shoe. These shoes are your perfect travel companion for many looks. Poolside, beachside….The Lava Thong Sandals are your answer. Besides being extremely comfortable, the reversible shoes with padding and a small heel look stylish and can be worn in four different ways. You can reverse the colors with the twistable ankle strap. We love black with silver and gold with cream because those colors compliment most outfits. The slight arch elongates your legs. The website doesn’t do the shoe line justice because these Modzori Reversible Shoes look even cuter IRL.

Biolite Alpenglow Lantern 

Bring the fun to any dinner party, pool party, or outdoor evening event with the rechargeable portable light that comes in 8 modes. Create a flicker candle glow or a moving multicolor party vibe by putting the light inside a cool vase.

Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology, the lighting is inspired by nature so modes include various colors. Shake the device to access special lighting modes like Cycling Color, Multicolor, Candle Flicker, and Warm White.

This device is perfect for summer camping too because the USB allows charging devices off of it. It can run for 5 hours on HI and can withstand rain and splashing. There is a small size too to tuck in a backpack. 

First Light Farms Grass-Fed Meats

If you are going to eat boeuf, make sure it is the best. Get your grill sizzling with sensational cuts of 100% grass-fed New Zealand Wagyu beef that you can be delivered to your home. We promise once you try First Light, you won’t imagine eating any other kind of meat.

The Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak may have made us shed a tear it was so fantastic but you may also like the Wagyu Beef Filet Steak, Wagyu Beef Flat Iron Steak, Wagyu Ground Beef and Wagyu Beef Italian-Style Sausages. 

First Light is a cooperative of family farmers producing beautiful, naturally marbled grass-fed Wagyu packed with Omega 3, which beef experts around the globe describe as the best grass-fed beef in the world. All First Light beef is Certified Humane®, Halal and sustainably raised with ZERO antibiotics, hormones or GMOs — ever. 

Now available nationally at Thrive Market and locally in LA at Erewhon, Bristol Farms, Lassens, Vicente Foods, Vintage Grocers and more

Endless Crush Rose by Inman Family Wines in Sonoma

What is synonymous with summer? Rose, of course. Nothing screams summertime more than a bottle of rose preferably in the south of France or even Ibiza. But, do pretend wherever you are with a bottle of Endless Crush with hints of ripe watermelon, strawberries, honeysuckle and orange blossom.

Sip the dry Provence style rose produced since 2004 in Sonoma with cheese and fruit. This rose was made intentionally – not the saignee method or byproduct of red wine making.

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