Getting Our Pups (And Ourselves) Ready to Re-Enter Society!

Whatever a return to normalcy ends up looking like, there’s no doubt that after more than a year of isolation, humans and pups are going to need a little help to get used to mixing and mingling again. Here’s a few product recommendations that should help ease the transition for fur babies and their parents!

If you’re anything like us, you may have let some of the usual dog hygiene tasks slip during stay-at-home, including teeth brushing. We’re getting back into a routine, but for one of our pups especially, the damage has been done- his smile may be cute, but his breath could clear a room! ProDen’s PlaqueOff is a new product from SwedenCare that is designed to help reduce plaque, prevent tartar, and most importantly, treat bad breath. The active ingredient is a 100% natural algae, harvested in the fresh, cold waters off the Scandinavian coastline, which, when consumed regularly, has been shown to greatly improve oral health. Our dogs have tried two of their products. First is the powder, which is designed to be a daily routine that can be sprinkled on dry or wet food using the included scoop, and is safe for dogs and cats. The pups can be a bit picky, but they had no qualms with this supplement, and we noticed an immediate improvement in their breath. The second product we tried were the dental bones, which are the only chewing bones on the market containing the PlaqueOff system. Their unique shape also helps reduce plaque and tartar and prevent future build-up, and they have Omega fatty acids to support healthy and skin and fur. Our pups loved the mini size in peanut butter and banana flavor- the bones are also available in a standard size and in many other flavors. Also available are the dental bites, which contain the same system and can be used as a small and tasty reward.

For us humans, the bigger issue around the return to the real world is dealing with the expected social anxiety. We just passed National CBD Day, which is a great reminder of the many benefits of CBD. For a good and innovative solution on the go, CBD ME makes a terrific lip balm. We tried the lavender mint flavor, and the cooling tingle of peppermint essential oil paired with lavender’s zen qualities created a perfectly balanced blend. Lavender Mint features 30 mg of broad-spectrum CBD paired with certified organic hemp oil, Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter, and coconut oil for an all-around lip moisturizing experience. Their CBD is hemp-derived and sustainably grown through regenerative agriculture practices and CO2 extracted in Oregon, and is thoroughly tested and certified to contain no THC. The oil contains the finest, cold-pressed Cannabis Sativa seed oil delivering a natural balance of essential fatty acids and amino acids which are wonderful for skincare applications, all of which combines to create a product that is ultra-soothing, moisturizing, and nutrient-rich.

Other great CBD options come from Just Cannabis, a California-licensed lifestyle brand dedicated to the culture of cannabis through events, products, and education. We tried their soothing salve in lavender and patchouli. Their salve is an all organic mixture of waxes and oils designed to be applied topically to heal skin and reduce pain. It contains a natural Oregon cold pressed hemp infused balm, with the intoxicating scent of the patchouli herb of Southeast Asia combined with the sweet, soothing aroma of lavender. It is a high-potency (1000 mg) salve, so it acts fast to ease pain and alleviate inflammation. If you like the delightful scent combination as much as we did, they also have it available in a long-burning candle.

These products will help us to get ready to go out again and enjoy the experience, but what about recovery? Us humans have gotten used to solutions like Pedialyte to help, but we can’t forget that our furry friends can also suffer from dehydration, especially when they start becoming more active than they’ve become accustomed to. Petralyte is a veterinary-formulated canine electrolyte supplement proven to deliver necessary nutrients and maximize hydration. Just like other electrolytes solutions, it’s packaged in a portable, easy-to-empty package, so it can be added to water bowls at home or on the go, and it comes in three flavors to meet the needs of turkey, beef, or chicken lovers- our dogs couldn’t pick a favorite! Not only does Petralyte help with hydration, it also contains ingredients that support hip, joint, kidney, bladder, vision, muscle, and heart health. And they give back to pups in need- by partnering with the Labelle Foundation — a Los Angeles foster based 501(c)(3) animal rescue devoted to saving, rehabilitating, and advocating for dogs. For every purchase of Petralyte, they will donate a serving to the foundation.

As you get ready again for doggie dates and brunches with the pups, be sure to try out these products from PlagueOff, CBD ME, Just Cannabis, and Petralyte!


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