4 Seasonal LA Weather Tips If You’re New to the LA Area

Moving somewhere new is an adventure, especially if you’ve never been there before or have no idea what to expect of the place. Los Angeles, California, is well-known for being a tourist attraction and a city with so much to offer everyone who sets foot in it.

Over 13 million people live in the Los Angeles area, proving that it’s more than just a destination for tourists. Many people move out to LA for a fresh start, but they’re totally unprepared for one thing: the weather. Since LA has different seasonal patterns from other locations, it’s essential to be fully prepared for all possible experiences while you’re still new to the city.

Tips for Every Season in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is unlike any other place you’ve lived before. Many people have a surface-level understanding of California, but they fail to notice that the seasons in Los Angeles are drastically different and not as a new resident would suspect.

Because weather can vary so much, it’s essential to have a few tools under your belt so you aren’t caught unaware when trying to blend in with other LA residents.

1. Tips for Spring

In Los Angeles, California, springtime calls for a comfortable temperature, something in between winter and summer without really being spring. Because this time is considered California’s “off-season,” you have an excellent opportunity to explore your new home.

The main takeaway from spring is that, while it’s typically very sunny, you shouldn’t allow the bright rays of sunlight to deceive you. Since spring lasts until June here, you can expect what people call “May Gray” or “June Gloom” — that is, you’ll see overhanging damp weather most mornings.

The fog might bring rain with it, so you should be prepared for a little drizzle or chilly dampness. On the bright side, the rain clears away some of the pollution and refreshes the air, so it’s a blessing in disguise.

Jacaranda trees in spring (Photo credit: http://www.lamag.com)

2. Tips for Summer

Summer in Los Angeles is warm and mostly dry, mainly due to the winds. Summer evenings are cooler, so if you plan to head out after dark, you should choose to bring a sweater or jacket to keep yourself warm. Because of the hot winds you’ll experience during the day, summer drags along a huge fire danger. Often there are many months with no rain.

This season can mean many dangers. The greatest takeaway from this season is that you must always be prepared in case of an emergency. June marks the start of hurricane season, too, so you have another possibility to watch out for. Make plans in advance and follow checklists to ensure you have everything you need ready before bad weather hits. Being prepared and not requiring a plan is better than having no plan and scrambling on the off chance that something terrible does happen. Due to the persistent fire weather, you should make a plan with your family, neighbors, or friends of where you could possibly meet, in case of no cell service.

3. Tips for Fall

The winds are more potent in fall and winter, and you’ll find that heat waves often cross your path during this season — and they can reach upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, fall is the season of winding down after the peak tourism days of summer. It’s a pleasantly warm season, and you’ll find that mild days are intertwined with hotter days.

Your best tip is to make the most of the milder, more bearable days and get outside to explore all the city has to offer. In recent years, fall has felt like summer. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor activities, as you won’t find many tourists, nor will it be overwhelmingly hot or cold. It’s the ideal time to meet up with someone, and with all the activities Los Angeles has to offer, you can dive into the expansive dating pool and strike up a conversation with a potential sweetheart at a local joint.

4. Tips for Winter

Surprisingly, winter is relatively mild. Once you experience your first LA winter, it may even become your favorite season. Temperatures are pleasant, never too cold and never too hot, and even the wind that blows can keep you warm sometimes.

Snow is a possibility, so you should never entirely rule it out. Additionally, winter in LA is the season with the most rainfall, with a potential of 5 inches. If you’re preparing for your first winter in Los Angeles, the best way to deal with the wetness is to have a backup plan. You can wear the clothes you want and stay comfortable, but be prepared for rain, snow, or otherwise yucky or wet weather. A major tip is to pack your trunk for all weather possibilities so you are always prepared wherever you are in sprawling Los Angeles.

As long as you have a backup plan, you’ll be prepared for all Los Angeles has to offer.

Experiencing New Seasons in Los Angeles

If you moved to LA from somewhere that experiences all seasons differently or more traditionally, spending your first year in the city might come as a shock. As long as you heed warnings and follow your head as well as your heart, you’ll figure out how the flow works in LA and start to have a splendid time. Before long, you’ll find yourself predicting weather patterns and feeling used to your new home on the west coast.

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